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Brand: 3M Model: CTM-02
Product DetailsAn elegantly designed countertop drinking water system that gives your home easy access to better quality drinking water.Brand : 3MModel : CTM-023M, a global leader in Residential water filtration with over 50 years of filtration experience, continues to provide revolutionary products..
Ex Tax:RM1,119.00
Brand: 3M Model: HCD-2 Dispenser
Product DetailsBrand : 3MModel : HCD-2Intelligently combines carbon and UV filtration technology to remove harmful contaminant and deactivates 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria and virus, doubling the protection in every drop. Can inhibits bacteria growth , and it is very easy to maintain ,you c..
Ex Tax:RM3,529.00
Brand: 3M Model: 4WH-QSS-S01H
Product DetailsThis point-of-entry system is compact-sized & perfect for condominium usage. It removes sediment, particulate, sand and rust up to 5 microns & features anti-scaling features that improves water heater & coffee machine performance.Brand : 3MModel : 4WH-QSS-S01H..
Ex Tax:RM759.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP DWS1000
Product DetailsSmart Monitoring DeviceDesigned with users’ busy lifestyle in mind, the deluxe drinking water filtration comes with an automatic shutoff water meter to alert you when it’s change-cartridge o’clock.Brand : 3MModel : AP DWS1000Category: Undersink, Drinking WaterMicron size: 0.5Wate..
Ex Tax:RM2,549.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP Easy Complete
Product DetailsUnder-sink filtration system.Designed for easy installation and maintenance. Drink directly from its dedicated drinking water faucet.Advanced Filtration with High OutputUsing single-stage filtration, the economical under-sink device requires only minimal, effortless maintenance as it ..
Ex Tax:RM989.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP Easy Cyst FF
Product DetailsHook to a Clean LookThe go-to product for food preparation is designed to give a clean look as it hooks onto your faucet, while performing full-flow water filtration to suit your kitchen use.Brand : 3MModel : AP Easy Cyst FFCategory: Undersink, Food Preparation Micron size: ..
Ex Tax:RM869.00
Brand: 3M Model: DWS2500T-CN
Product DetialsStylish Faucet with LED Light IndicatorWhen stylish, easy-change design meets 3M’s superior drinking water filtration. And with its smart LED indicator, you’ll never miss the time to replace your filter cartridge.Brand : 3MModel : DWS2500T-CN-Tested & Certified by NSF Internationa..
Ex Tax:RM3,149.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP902
Product DetailsThe Desired First Line of DefenseStrong endurance, efficient and certainly trustworthy: with AP902, your water will be well filtered and protected from the very second it enters your home.Brand : 3MModel : AP902-Advanced single-stage filtration delivers high output-Components cer..
Ex Tax:RM1,729.00
Brand: 3M Model: beh test
beh test..
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Brand: 3M Model: STB-019S
Product DetailsWeight :195G Size :OPTION 1: 19 DIA X 457mm LMaterial: Stainless SteelTerms and condition1. Goods sold are not returnable and refundable.2. Delivery lead time is between 7-15 working days for ready stock items. 4. Goods condition must be verify within 3 d..
Ex Tax:RM61.50
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