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Coway Water Purifier Inception CHPE-250NF

Coway Water Purifier Inception CHPE-250NF
Coway Water Purifier Inception CHPE-250NF
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  • Brand Coway Malaysia
  • Model: CHPE-250NF
  • Weight: 24.00kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.00cm x 52.30cm x 51.00cm

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Malaysia's First Hybrid Water Purifier


Coway's Inception comes with both clean Filtered Water and Ionized Alkaline Water.

Alkaline Level Controller

1. Beginning Stage: Drink at pH 8.5± for body adaption

2. Middle Stage : Gradually increase to pH 9.0±

3. Final Stage : Strongest level for human body is at pH 9.5±

Auto Cleansing

To ensure the electrolysis process is at an optimum state, the machine automatically cleans the electrodes before and after water extraction.

NF Membrane Filtration System

Pore size of 0.001 micron that filters clean drinking water with minerals by removing multivalent ions. 


The first and only alkaline water purifier with 2 temperatures. (Cold and Ambient)


All you need to know.

Power Consumption: Compressor 0.7A ; Heater: 310 - 370w

Tank Capacity

Ambient Water: 3.0 Liters

Cold Water: 2.3 Liters

Hot Water: 1.2 Liters

6.3 L / Hour

Retail Price: RM 7070 (Free 1-Year Service For Outright)

Monthly Rental: RM 184 (Free 5-Year Service For Rental)

•  Free Installation  •  Periodic Service Every 2 Months  •  Periodic Filter(s) Check

•  Free Product Sanitation for 5 Years  •  Free Part(s) Replacement for 5 Years  •  Own the Product After 5 Rental Year

*Within 2 days after the first month payment, Coway's sales representative will be in touch with consumers for future monthly payment. 

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