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Davco Tile Adhesive TTB 98

Davco Tile Adhesive TTB 98
Davco Tile Adhesive TTB 98
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  • Brand Davco
  • Model: Davco TTB 98
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C1 thin bed cement-based tile adhesive

Davco TTB 98 is an economical thin bed cementitious tile adhesive ideal for fixing ceramic tiles, natural stones and most monocottura tiles at interior and exterior walls and floors.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick grip
  • Can be used to lay tiles in wet areas such as shower floor and swimming pool after mixing with Davco Davelastic 98 latex additive.


  • Installation of tiles and natural stones onto concrete render, blockwork and rendered brickwork surface
  • For wall and floors in both interior and exterior applications

Product Information: 

Shelf life

6 months from date of production

Storage conditions

Store properly in dry conditions, in undamaged and unopened, original sealed packaging.


This depends on the level, profile and surface roughness of the substrate, the size of the tiles and the technique of placing (simple placing or "back"-buttering).
As a guide, in kilogram of powder per m² on flat surfaces:

Tiles size


Trowel size

Mosaics and small tiles

~2.0–3.0 kg/m²

3 mm x 3 mm notched trowel

Normal size tiles (20 cm x 20 cm)

~5.0–5.5 kg/m²

6 mm x 6 mm notched trowel

Large size tiles up to 3 600 cm² (internal floors) and 2 100 cm² (external floors)

~10.0–11.0 kg/m²

12 mm x 12 mm notched trowel

The consumption above may only serve as a guide. It is highly recommended to carry-out trials on site to determine the actual coverage.

Terms and condition

1. Goods sold are not returnable and refundable.
2. Delivery lead time is between 5-14 working days for ready stock items. Otherwise, 3-6 weeks waiting period for products out of stock or refund can be requested.
3. No unloading service included.
4. Good condition must be verifying within 3 days.

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