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About Us

"Reduce | Reuse | Repurpose"

 To preserve our big green planet for future generations
while maintaining profitability.

HOMA2U is an O2O marketplace for construction and renovation customers to find a wide range of building materials and home finishes product with the key focus on overstock inventories.


HOMA2U is the first curated O2O overstock marketplace in Malaysia and is in operation since 2017. We started the business with the key focus on trading of overstock tiles and have since then, grown into a full-fledged marketplace that includes other products for home and renovation. Our focus on digitization enables many businesses to expand limitlessly nationwide; with more affordable trades to be offered through the O2O marketplace. We have subsequently helped many trading companies and professional businesses get ahead of the others with our much affordable digital transformation program.


We have been and is still a standalone business model in championing the notion of reduce, reuse and repurpose, thriving on the huge masses of discarded and disregarded materials or so-called waste in alignment with reducing the release of unwanted construction waste into nature. Our goal is to send no waste to the environment.

HOMA2U's Core Values

Customer Service is in Our Blood


Embed Innovative Culture

Accountability with conviction

Practise Integrity