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LAFARGE Quick Render - Mortar & Plastering (387)

LAFARGE Quick Render - Mortar & Plastering (387)
LAFARGE Quick Render - Mortar & Plastering (387)
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  • Brand Lafarge
  • Model: 387
  • Weight: 40.00kg

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Specially designed to be used as the undercoat for all types of brickwalls and blockwalls. It is suitable for surface improvement works on cement rendered surfaces. Harderned QuickRender surface can be further smoothened with skim coat. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Product Details
QuickMix™ Quick Render (387) is specially formulated to be used as the undercoat for all types of blockwalls. It is also suitable to be used as the spatterdash coat on concrete surfaces. Hardened QuickMix Thin Plaster surface can be further smoothened with QuickMix Skim Coat-Base and Finish Coat. QuickMix Thin Plaster is suitable for interior and exterior use, however it should not be used on painted surfaces.

- Pre-mixed to ensure good consistent quality
- Pre-packed for convenience in handling
- Easy to mix and apply
- High bonding strength
- Minimize cracking
- High durability and good weather resistance

Technical Data

Surface Preparation
- All surfaces must be clean, free from dust, oil and any trace of foreign materials.
- All substrate defects should be patched up before plastering.
- For dry or high absorbing substrates, moisten the surface with water prior to application.
- Avoid stagnant or frequent flow on substrate prior to the plastering application to prevent poor adhesion of plaster on wet substrate.

- Mix one bag (40 kg) of QuickMix™ Quick Render with approximately 8.5 litres of water.
- Mix thoroughly with an electrical mixer for 3-5 minutes until the desired homogeneous mix is achieved.
- Ensure the mix is free from lumps before use.
- Remix for 1 minute if the mixed paste is left unused for more than 30 minutes.

- Apply QuickMix™ Quick Render over the surface with a steel trowel.
- If application requires a few layers, the underneath layers must be dry before applying the subsequent layers.

- QuickMix™ Quick Render is packed in 40 kg bags.

- QuickMix™ Quick Render should be stored in dry place free from excessive moisture.
- It has a shelf life of 6 months in its original packing.

Health & Safety
- QuickMix™ Quick Render is non-hazardous. However, Lafarge Malayan Cement recommends that appropriate safety equipment be worn by workers handling this product, including dust masks, rubber gloves, full eye protection and boots where necessary. In cast of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek immediate medical attention. For further information, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Terms and condition

1. Goods sold are not returnable and refundable.

2.Upon confirmation of order, item(s) will be scheduled for delivery and will typically require a minimum of 7 up to 14 business days for item(s) arrival. 

3. No unloading service included.

4. Goods condition must be verified within 3 days.

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