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Brand: Midorie Model: Midorie Epipremnum N'Joy
Benefits:• Air purification (remove xylene, benzene and formaldehyde)• Perfect for plant hangers as the trailing vines• Highlights: Large silver grey leaves are soothing to the eyesMaintenance Requirements:• Best in bright indirect light• Watering once a week• Avoid ..
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Brand: Midorie Model: MMO 002
(Please "Contact Hommie" to double confirm the stock availability before confirming the purchase.)Family Name: AraceaeCommon Names: Monstera AdosoniiOriginal: Central & South AmericaBenefits:• Air purifying plant• Easy to growMaintenance Requirements:• Bright indirect sunlight• Waterin..
Ex Tax:RM49.00
Brand: Midorie Model: Epipremnum Aureum Pearls and Jade Yellow Pot
Family Name: AraceaeCommon Names: Epipremnum Aureum Pearls and JadeOrigin: Solomon IslandPackage Includes: 1 x Plant1 x Yellow PotMain Benefits Air-purifying for your home (Removes formaldehyde & benzene) Creates a lively atmosphere with its bright spotted leaves. E..
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