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Obaproof F1-188 Cementitious Tile Adhesive 25KG

Obaproof F1-188 Cementitious Tile Adhesive 25KG
Obaproof F1-188 Cementitious Tile Adhesive 25KG
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  • Brand Obaproof
  • Model: F1-188
  • Weight: 25.00kg

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Product Details"

Obaproof F1-88 is a water-resistant cement-based, thin or medium bed adhesive, suitable for fixing ceramic tiles, etc. to wall and floor, dry or wet interior and exterior areas with very good adhesion strength.Uses : Obaproof F1-88 is suitable for bonding ceramic tiles, homogeneous tiles, mosaic, etc. on: Both wall and floor Internal and external areas Conventional cement-sand screeds and renders Used with Obaproof Latex 777 for higher bond strength and flexibilityAdvantages : Good bonding strength Easy installation/User-friendly Excellent water and impact resistance Non-flammable Non-toxicLimitations: Do not use Obaproof F1-88 to:Bond tiles on walls subjected to flexing and vibration Bond tiles on metal surfaces Bond moisture sensitive stonesSurface Preparation: All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, free from dust, oil and any trace of foreign materials that may affect bonding. Brick and concrete walls/ floors must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before tilings. Cement renders and screeds must be allowed to be cured for 7 days and finished to semi-smooth finish with a wood float. Painted surfaces must be roughened with a wire brush and flaking paint removed. Waterbased paint are not a suitable surface for ceramic tiles and should be removed.Mixing: Add 7-8 liters clean water or Obaproof Latex 777 into 25kg of Obaproof F1-188Coverage: 3mm x 3mm notched trowel: Approx. 2.0-3.0kg/m² 6mm x 6mm notched trowel: Approx. 5.0-5.5kg/m² 12mm x 12mm notched trowel: Approx. 10-11kg/m²Application: To achieve good adhesive to the substrates, first, apply a thin coat of Obaproof F1-188 using the smooth side of the trowel. Then, spread the adhesive mixture to the desired thickness using the toothed side of the trowel. Only spread enough adhesive so that the tiles can be fixed within the open time. Do not spot fix or soak tiles. After spreading the adhesive, press tiles firmly into the adhesive bed and knock the tiles lightly into position. Remove excess adhesive from between the tiles and clean the tile faces with a damp sponge before the adhesive sets. Tiles with high ribs or lugs, grooves or an uneven back must be buttered flat or covered with a layered adhesive, in addition to the adhesive being trowelled on the substrate so that the voids are filled. The tiles must be adjusted within 30 minutes after laying and must be protected from rain or strong sun for at least 24 hours. Tile joints can be grouted usually 6 to 8 hours after laying the tiles.Curing: Grouting should not be carried out for at least 24 hours after completion of tiling or until the adhesive has set dried sufficiently. The setting may be delayed on a dense or impervious surface.Cleaning: All tools and hands may be cleaned with abundant water before the adhesive sets. After setting, cleaning becomes very difficult but can usually be helped by mechanical means.

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