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Brand: Davco Model: Davco Ceramic Tile Cleaner 800
Davco Ceramic Tile Cleaner 800 are general purpose cleaners designed for routine maintenance of showers, bathrooms and other tile/ stone/ masonry installations. It safely and easily removes mold and mildew, as well as mineral deposits, hardwater and rust stains.Surface must be clean, dry and free fr..
Ex Tax:RM42.00
Brand: Davco Model: Davcoflex 669
* Please add 11 bags of quantity for claiming buy 10 free 1 PROMO. PROMO CODE : DAVCO101A single component polymer modified flexible adhesive composed of cement fine aggregate synthetic resins and other special additives to lay homogenous vitrified tiles, ceramic glazed tiles on both internal and ex..
Ex Tax:RM26.50
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