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Brand: Hydrologics Model: MF800
Hydrologics Outdoor Media Filter MF800Remove sediments, chlorine, odour and large particles for all water entering the house, providing clear water to every tap as small as 5 microns for cooking, cleaning, laundry and other applications.- 304 Stainless Steel Housing- 304 Stainless Steel Manual Contr..
Ex Tax:RM1,599.00
Brand: Hydrologics Model: TF300
Hydrologics Table Top Mild Alkaline Water Filter TF300- 5 in 1 Water Filtration System- 0.1 micron- Easy Installation and Maintenance- Filter Cartridge Lifespan Indicator- No ElectricityExtend NozzleLong nozzle extending from the filter body is easy to use in a narrow kitchen.360 Degree Rotating Hea..
Ex Tax:RM599.00
Brand: Hydrologics Model: BS100
Hydrologics Water Dispenser BS100Water Made SimpleWhere Simplicity Meets FunctionallyNo tools, no plumbers; Small but mighty!Beyond Just a Water DispenserWater dispenser, water boiler, water filter and thermal flask!Perfect temperature for your favorite drinks! Large Water Tank and removable drip tr..
Ex Tax:RM1,599.00
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