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Horestco Bahamas Round Table

Horestco Bahamas Round Table
Horestco Bahamas Round Table
Ex Tax: RM500.00
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  • Brand Horestco
  • Model: HDS32
  • Weight: 100.00kg


Bahamas dining table is made of Solid Teak wood with a mild steel epoxy coated base. Highly durable.


Standard Height : 78cm

D60 (RM500) : Side : 60cm X 60cm - 2 seater

D70 (RM550) : Side : 70cm X 70cm - 2-4 seater

D80 (RM600) : Side : 80cm X 80cm - 4 seater

D90 (RM750) : Side : 90cm X 90cm - 4-6 seater

Base: 19"-20"

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