Are you planning to renovate your bathroom area? Whether it’s a new house you just bought or you’re planning for a new bathroom makeover, it is always better to plan ahead. 

Some important questions you need to have right now:

  1. What is the budget range I should prepare?
  2. What are the processes involved and what should I take note about?
  3. Where can I buy good quality bathroom tiles, fixtures and fittings? 
  4. Which contractor or interior designer should I hire for my bathroom renovation?

While these are crucial questions to help you plan ahead, most importantly, you need to have a bathroom renovation plan first. 

Tap installation during bathroom renovation

In this article, HOMA2u will share our experiences on bathroom renovation, how to plan for it and all the costs involved. This guide is suitable for every Malaysian household and is perfect if you’re looking to renovate your home this new year!

Let’s get into it. 

Planning for your bathroom renovation

While it’s easy to ask a contractor or an interior designer for a quote, what they’ll usually ask you back is your budget range. 

This is simply a matter of chicken and egg. To help you plan better, we always recommend homeowners to first, come out with a renovation plan. 

Follow these 3 simple steps below to plan ahead:

1 – Find a focal point or your must-have elements in your bathroom area

Firstly, identify what element or design you want for your bathroom area. It could be the type of style you’d like or a designer bathroom you saw from a magazine or simply a type of tile design you’d been eyeing for months. 

Then build your bathroom renovation plan around that focal point. If you need some inspiration, feel free to visit Pinterest, go to a showroom in your area or even join Facebook groups in Malaysia to ask for recommendations. 

Shower area focal point in a bathroom renovation

And from here, you’ll have a better idea on budgeting for your bathroom renovation. 

2 – Understand your bathroom layout and size

Next, before you go too deep into planning for the bathroom renovation, don’t forget to be familiar with the bathroom layout and size too. 

It will be great to understand how the layout of your bathroom area looks and more specifically, what is the size of the bathroom area? 

Some common bathroom sizes in Malaysia:

  • 1.5m X 2.4m
  • 2m X 4m
  • 2.5m X 5.2m

Once you get a better grasp of how your bathroom size looks, you’ll be better equipped to plan the design or elements of the bathroom area.

3 – Plan your budget around your initial plan

Now that you have your initial plan ready, time to search for a quote. 

Share your initial plan with your hired contractor or interior designer. Ask for their recommendations and see if your plan fits your intended budget. 

What are the typical bathroom renovation processes in Malaysia?

  • Hacking/ demolishing of old tiles and pipes
  • Waterproofing of floor
  • Wetwork
  • Plumbing and piping works
  • Wiring of water heater, lighting and electric points
  • Bathroom tile flooring 
  • Installation of bathroom doors and windows 
  • Installing of bathroom fittings and accessories

Above are the general processes that go into a typical bathroom renovation project. It will be good for you to get familiar with these processes as they can help you further develop your budgeting plan.

Most importantly, you’ll know what renovation works are involved. If you’re not so sure about the processes, you can always consult your contractor about them.

A builder reviewing renovation plan

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

Now that you know all about pre-planning for your bathroom renovation works and the general processes involved, let’s finally look into the costing part. 

The costs will be divided into 2 parts. The first one assumes that you’re renovating from scratch while the second one assumes you’re working on a bathroom makeover.

If you’re planning to redesign your existing bathroom area, you can skip to the second part.   

All else, let’s get into the first part. 

Part one: Bathroom renovation cost (starting from scratch)

  • Hacking/ demolishing of old tiles and pipes: RM2,000

Depending on your request, contractors might work on removing existing tiles and pipes. And this would add on to your costs. 

  • Waterproofing of floor: RM1,500

After the tiles are hacked, the contractor will level and waterproof the floor with waterproofing materials. This would help in preventing water from penetrating and permeating through the tiles. 

  • Plumbing and piping works: RM1,000

If you intend to change the original layout of your bathroom area, then your contractor might need to work on relocating the water outlet, moving the sink to a different area and more. 

  • Wetwork: RM2,000

In this process, the contractors will use a combination of cement, bricks, plaster and more to build the foundation of your bathroom area (after all the hacking and restructuring of pipes). 

  • Bathroom tiling: RM3,000 

The process will involve installing tiles on the floor and wall. Depending on what type of tile you choose, the price may vary. The most common bathroom tiles most homeowners use are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. 

  • Installing of bathroom fittings and accessories: RM2,200

Examples of bathroom fittings and accessories are sink, toilet tank and bathtub. Again, the pricing here may vary depending on the size or brand you choose. 

  • Cabinetry: RM2,000

Storage cabinets can be installed over or under the sink. Or it could be installed above the toilet tank as well.  

  • Plaster ceiling: RM1,200

Some bathroom layouts will have high ceilings that can be exposed to piping near the top. You can choose to freshen up the look by covering them with a plaster ceiling. 

  • Lighting: RM400

Lighting installation such as an LED installation will add up to your budgeting costs as well. This will depend on your preference and the design you like. 

Totalling up: bathroom renovation cost in Malaysia is RM15,300.

Part two: Bathroom remodeling cost 

If your bathroom is already functional and only needs a facelift such as changing of new tiles or switching up the design, they can be done for RM8,000 or less. 

How long does it take to complete a bathroom renovation project?

The time for project completion may vary according to each contractor and how efficient they liaise with their suppliers.

But generally, it will take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete a bathroom renovation project. However, it could potentially be lesser than that if you’re simply working on renovating an existing bathroom design. 

At HOMA2u, we even worked with contractors that took only one week to complete the project. 

So, if you’re figuring out your renovation timeline, do give it a period between 1 to 2 weeks.


There you go – the bathroom renovation cost in Malaysia. We hope this is insightful in helping you to plan ahead. If you’d require any advice or planning support, feel free to get in touch with us here

Or if you are working on budgeting for other areas of your home as well, feel free to read our home renovation costs guide

Source: Free Malaysia Today (FMT) property article 2021

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