Bathroom tiles may seem like an easy pick when it comes to renovating your home, but what do you really know about bathroom tiles?

Apart from the usual white subway tiles, what are the other types of bathroom tiles you can choose from? And where to buy the most affordable ones in Malaysia?

choosing best tiles can make great effect in a bathroom
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In this article, we’ll share insights on how to choose the best bathroom tiles for your home and show you 8 bathroom tile designs that you can immediately steal for your home! 

But, before you start buying…

There are a few things you need to think about first:

  • Understanding how the colors and patterns of the bathroom tiles can match the layout of the bathroom area.
  • Observing the textures and graphics of the bathroom tiles. 
  • Then figuring out how the combination between the tiles and the bathroom decor fit with each other. 

After you have a better idea on how the bathroom tiles can influence your bathroom designs, let’s get to know some popular tile choices in Malaysia (tiles that you can readily choose from).

8 popular bathroom tiles in Malaysia

  1. Porcelain tiles: A highly durable yet costly tile that comes with a wide range of colors. It is one of the most conventional tiles you can find. (Think about your last home visit and which you do not see such a tile present.)
  1. Ceramic tiles: Made from the same material as porcelain tiles, but has less desirable properties as compared. It is, however, more cost-effective than porcelain tiles.
  2. Marble tiles: Subtle, beautiful and timeless. Marble tiles are ideal if you want to add texture to your bathroom designs. The veins and colors that run through the surface of the tiles are actually their most attractive feature.
  3. Mosaic tiles: Considered highly fashionable, mosaic tiles are the perfect tiles to add color or pattern into the bathroom area. You can choose to install them completely over your bathroom wall or use them sparsely to highlight a particular section of your bathroom wall. 
mosaic tiles as feature wall in a bathroom corner
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  1. Limestone tiles: A simple tile design that has a more natural tone to it. 
limestone tiles give warm aesthetic feel in bathroom
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  1. Vinyl tiles: Another great bathroom tile option. It requires low-maintenance and is highly durable to wear and tear. 
wood floor effect using vinyl tiles in a bathroom
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  1. Terracotta tiles: They offer earthy shades and help add warmth into the bathroom area. They are also considered a more expensive option for the bathroom area as sealing efforts will be required to prevent water from sinking in. 
terracotta tiles create rustic or rugged feel in bathroom
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  1. Glass tiles: One of the most practical bathroom tile options. They are naturally water-resistant, require low-maintenance and do not get stained easily. Glass tiles are good for creating a clean bathroom design that feels bright and spacious.

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Top 5 tips when choosing your bathroom tiles

Before you start buying bathroom tiles, it will also be good for you to know some handy tips beforehand.

When deciding on what type of tiles to buy or what sort of style you should opt for, here are some pointers to keep in mind. 

1 – Determine your budget first

While it’s understandable that as a homeowner, you’ll be excited about the design and tile patterns of your bathroom area, so much so you forget about the most important factor – the budget! 

Always have a clear budget in mind first before you start choosing your bathroom tiles. The type of designs and tiles you choose will greatly influence the budget. 

2 – Pick your wow factor  

After you have a budget set in stone, then choose a must-have tile you want for the bathroom design. Typically every homeowner should have a tile design they like. It could be a unique accent tile, a specific Moroccan-inspired tile design or even as something simple as a white subway tile. 

Either way, use that tile as a starting point to design your bathroom. From there, work your way towards choosing other tiles and also determining the bathroom decor.

Protip: Keep the number of types of tiles to less than 3 (to prevent any visual conflict).

3 – Choose a color scheme 

Finding the right color palette can be challenging for some especially if you don’t have a good design instinct. But this shouldn’t discourage you from working on your bathroom renovation. 

You can start by choosing the colors of your bathroom decor first. Then, base your selection on the must-have tiles we mentioned earlier. 

Though we typically recommend homeowners who’d preferred a more simple design to stick with lighter-coloured tiles. Then add a few pops of colours in between or accessories like towels, knobs or even low-maintenance plants to add some texture to the space.  

a light color palette keeps bathroom design simple

4 – Consider your tile size

While smaller tile size was once the trend, now we usually recommend homeowners to opt for larger tile size. This will help present a larger bathroom space.

The typical tile size is 300mm x 600mm. Though this is not entirely a strict rule to follow, you can still go for a smaller tile size depending on the recommendation by your interior designers or contractors. 

Protip: Adding a few pops of smaller tile size such as subway tile (290mm x 300mm) or Moroccan tiles (300mm x 30mm) in between your larger bathroom tiles can instantly make your bathroom design stand out! 

different tile color and size laid vertically add contrast on bathroom wall
Image Source: The Spruce 

5 – Lastly, consider too the maintenance works involved

If you like it hassle-free, then consider porcelain or ceramic tiles. They are virtually maintenance free. Use them in your bathroom design especially in wet areas such as the tub or showering area. 

Vinyl tile, limestone tile (made from natural stone), or even terracotta tiles must be sealed when used in bathroom design. This is to ensure the tiles are more durable and water-resistant. 

These types of tiles also require more frequent cleaning as stain will be easily accumulated on them. 

Protip: Glass tiles are a pretty option for bathroom design and are very suitable as bathroom wall or accent tile. But be mindful when installing them for your bathroom floor as glass tiles can be very slippery. 

8 bathroom tile design ideas for your home

Now the fun part – top bathroom tile design ideas you can steal for your home! 

1 – The most classic bathroom tile design 

subway tiles in classic staggered stack blends seamlessly on bathroom wall and floor

White subway tile, a popular tile choice that can go with any design. It is classy and can seamlessly blend into the bathroom decor. 

Though, there are other ways you can go about with the design such as adding colorful bathroom decors or if you’re adventurous enough, play around with the tile pattern. 

In general, there are 4 types of subway tile patterns. They are classic staggered stack, vertical stack, herringbone pattern and chevron pattern. See if any of these patterns can help shape the direction of your bathroom design. 

2 – Matching white subway tiles with decorative floor tiles 

vintage feel with decorative bathroom floor tiles

Besides tweaking the color of the bathroom decor or subway tiles, you can also pair a simple bathroom design with decorative bathroom floor tiles.

This adds texture to a modern bathroom design. The decorative tiles are ideal too, if you love vintage styles!  

3 – Channeling that upscale value 

modern feel and neutral-toned style with white color tiles in bathroom
Image Source: Tailored Design Co

Porcelain tiles are vibrant, rich and inviting. It also comes with a wide range of colours and looks. But, white color tiles are the best when it comes to channeling that modern feel and neutral-toned style. 

If you’d like the tiles to stand out, we would recommend you to add a glazed layer to the porcelain tiles. This will make the tiles look more polished and shiny. 

4 – Add a modern twist to your bathroom floor tile 

modern twist using contrasting tile color and shape in small bathroom
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Hexagon-shaped tiles can instantly add a dramatic effect to the room. It also complements the bathroom decors and makes their design pops! Besides, you can also switch the color of the tiles to white if you’d like a more natural design style. 

5 – Make a statement with your bathroom wall

bold statement amplified in tile colour and pattern against bathtub
Image Source: Regan Baker Design

Speaking about adding a dramatic effect, this bathroom wall definitely amplifies that statement and takes it to the next level. 

The wall is rich in both colour and pattern. It also adds more depth to the overall white-coloured design of the bathroom.  

6 – Using herringbone pattern for your bathroom tiles

herringbone tile pattern adds sophistication in bathroom
Image Source: Houzz

The above bathroom design sticks to a neutral color scheme. But if we look closer, the designs are actually layered and sophisticated. And that is the beauty of the herringbone pattern!  

Apart from the floor, you can also apply this pattern to the wall or even change the colors to complement the bathroom decor. Though, do note that the installation of herringbone-patterned tiles are more complicated and will definitely add more cost to your renovation budget. 

7 – Pair with a striking color and a different tile pattern

striking tile color to neutral design disrupt the bathroom style
Image Source: House & Home 

You can never go wrong with the design by pairing a neutral-coloured bathroom design with a striking tile color such as the design above. 

The red-coloured tiles are instantly striking and the vertically-stacked tiles also disrupt the style of the bathroom decor which made it the more attractive! 

8 – Adding an exotic feel with Moroccan tiles

exude exotic vibe on bathroom splashback with Moroccan tiles
Image Source: Etsy

As mentioned earlier, Moroccan tiles are a fun way to complement your bathroom style. 

The colors and the patterns are instantly welcoming. If you are a fan of the Mediterranean-inspired designs and don’t really mind the exotic vibe, then Moroccan tile is a must have! 


And there you go! 8 inspired bathroom tile designs for your home. 

While bathroom tiles installation is a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project, be sure to look out for the costs and manpowers involved. If it’s a simple design and you have the experience, why not DIY, right? 

But if you’re mixing different tile patterns and the bathroom decors are top-tier value goods, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Now that you know all about bathroom tiles, which tile idea is your favorite? And how do you plan about choosing the most suitable bathroom tiles for your home? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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