Looking to buy bean bags for your home? You might have seen them before in an airport lounge (before the lockdowns), in offices or at public cafes.

Bean bags make great seating options for homes as well, especially if you have a smaller room space.

Unlike any traditional chair or sofa, bean bags are designed to contour around you, following the shape of your body. That’s why you can easily switch between your postures and still find yourself lying comfortably in it. 

More importantly, beans bags are convenient because they can be easily moved around.

Bored of your current work-from-home setup? Simply carry the bean bag into another room, drop it wherever you want, and start working comfortably!

But, do you need to consider when it comes to buying a bean bag? 

  • Are bean bags good for your back?
  • Will they shrink in size?
  • How long do they last?

In this post, we’ll discuss these questions and share our recommendations for some of the best value-for-money bean bags you can buy in Malaysia.

Firstly, what’s inside a bean bag?

Bean bags are typically filled with a range of fillings from expanded polystyrene beans (EPS) to micro beads, foam filling, and memory foams. 

The most common filling used is EPS beads. EPS beads are made of 98% air. They are super lightweight and form the main component of your regular bean bag.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads

Take note that EPS beads are toxic and non-biodegradable. Therefore, make sure to never inhale them, especially if you have kids or pets at home.

But don’t worry about this as bean bags are usually double-stitched. So chances of the beads leaking out are very small. 

But what if you want to refill the bean bag? And will you ever need to do that? 

This leads us to our next question.

Can you refill a bean bag? 

In short, the answer is yes. 

Just like most cushions, bean bags will go flat overtime, especially if you use them a lot. The good news is it’s quite easy to refill them.

Here are a few simple steps to refill a bean bag:

Step 1 – Insert a paperclip or a pin into the loop in the zipper head

Step 2– Use the clip sideways. Lift it up to release the safety trigger. Then slide the zipper open.

Step 3 – Pour the filling into the bean bag.

Step 4 – Once the bean bag is filled, zip it up. 

Step 5 – Shake the bean bag and ensure all the corners of the bean bag are filled. 

Image credit: Bliss Bean Bags 

What about the bean bag cover?

So if we can replace the insides of a bean bag, can we also replace the bean bag cover?

Well, in situations like this, we generally don’t recommend you to replace the cover entirely, as it will be too troublesome and too cost-inefficient. 

It is simply best to get a new one! 

See our top-selling bean bags at HOMA.

How to choose a bean bag for home.

First, consider where you want to put your bean bag at home.

If you’re living in a condominium with limited space and want an extra seating option, then a standard-size bean bag is probably the most flexible solution for you. 

Staying in a terrace house with more space, then consider a bean bag that’s more resistant to wear and tear. Why? This is because you’ll most probably be dragging it to different rooms at home. And of course, you’d want a bigger bean bag for a bigger space.

And if you’re considering getting one for your kid’s bedroom or for your home office, it will be good to get a standard-size bean bag.

The various bean bag sizes.

Here are some of the most common bean bag sizes (based on height):

  • Circumference 300cm: suitable for kids with height around 130cm
  • Circumference 350cm: suitable for teens or adults with height around 160cm
  • Circumference 400cm: suitable for adults with height around 180cm
  • Oversized bean bags: suitable for any heights and multiple users

Type of bean bag covers.

Now that you have a clearer idea of the different bean bag sizes, let’s look into the type of cover material to consider.


Image credits: Visual Hunt

Probably the most common cover material for bean bags, vinyl material is cheap, versatile, and easy to maintain, making it pretty much suitable for most owners and room decor. Vinyl covers usually come in a range of colors and designs.

But, one thing to note is that vinyl bean bags trap heat easily. They’ll get quite hot and sticky if you’re sitting on them in a warm area, especially in our hot Malaysian weather.

So unless you plan on placing the bean bags in a cold air-conditioned room, we would suggest you get another type of cover for bean bags.


Image credits: Etsy

Bean bags made using cotton are more comfortable, as the material is breathable.

The downside to cotton bean bags covers is that they can be easily stained, should you accidentally spill water or food on. It will also take a longer time to dry.

It’s probably not the best choice if you’re getting it for your kid’s bedroom.  


Image credits: Architectural Digest

A stylish material choice that fits perfectly into a modern home setting. If you’re going for a minimalistic yet premium feel, then a leather bean bag is your best choice.

It is very durable and can last very long even with excessive wear and tear. However, it is also relatively more expensive as compared to other material types. 

If you’re on a tight budget for bean bags, it’s best for you to opt for other bean bag covers.

Pros & Cons of Bean Bags

Believe it or not, bean bags rose to popularity in Italy, during the 1960s. And then in recent years, became even more widespread when offices started using them in an attempt to create a more comfortable working environment.

However, bean bags are not without their drawbacks. Let’s look into the pros and cons of bean bags and what it means for you. 

The Good about bean bags 

  1. Comfortable: Without a doubt, bean bags are super comfortable. It is soft, squishy, and can mold itself into any shape, depending on how you’re sitting on it. Whether you’re sitting upright or lying on your back, you can be sure to feel relaxed at all times.
  2. Affordable: If you’re running on a tight budget, compared to an armchair or a couch, bean bags will definitely be an economical choice. Also, bean bag designs are generally fun and stylish. So, you do not need to worry about compromising your home design.
  3. Light & Compact: Bean bags are light and can be easily moved around from one place to another. If you don’t feel like working indoors, simply drag your bean bag and go outdoors! 

The bad about bean bags

  1. Durability: Obviously, bean bags are not as durable when compared to your regular sofa. It can go flat over time (as discussed earlier) and in most cases, it probably won’t last more than a decade.
  2. Difficulty in disposing: You should not simply throw bean bags away into a rubbish bin. That’s because the fillings are non-biodegradable and are toxic to the environment. Rather, we advise you to bring them over to a recycling centre for proper disposal.

Are bean bags good for your back? 

One of the biggest questions we receive when it comes to buying bean bags, is whether they are OK for the back – over time.

Though there is no concrete evidence saying that bean bags are good, in general, they provide enough support for our backs. Bean bags can provide a sufficient alignment for our back too if used correctly. 

However, as always, if you experience any sort of pain in your back when using a bean bag, it is best to speak to a medical professional.

On another note, using a bean bag at home actually helps promote movement. By sitting on a bean bag, you’re not restricted to one sitting posture. It is a good alternative way to keep you moving while you’re performing the more sedentary tasks.

HOMA Picks – Top 5 Bean Bags in Malaysia

Now the good stuff  — top bean bags choices for you to choose from! (and their prices). 

1- Homey Beanbag Green – RM99

Homey Bean Bag

One of our best sellers! Priced only at RM99, this is one of the most classic bean bag designs out there. And it comes with various color choices as well. You can definitely find one that fits well into your home! 

2- Skyterra Apple 3.5 Bean Bag – RM160

Shaped like an apple, the Skyterra Apple bean bag is shaped to contour around your lower back to help you relax. You’ll definitely want to jump into this after a long day at work.

3- Skyterra Mini Sofa – RM250

Designed like a single armchair but still capturing the comfiness of a regular bean bag. If you can’t decide between buying a chair or a bean bag, why not buy both? 

This bean bag is priced at RM250 and it also comes with a range of color choices to match your interior theme.

4- Skyterra U-Shaped Bean Bag – RM250

Priced at RM250, the Skyterra U-Shaped bean bag is an unusually shaped bean bag that functions like a mini-bed, allowing you to sit, slouch or lie down on.

Whether you’re reading a book or watching Netflix, this bean bag will definitely be a good place for you to chill in! 

5- Timeless Julie Bean Bag – RM499

The Julie bean bag is slightly more expensive than the rest above. It is however has a timeless design that will fit most modern and contemporary houses. If you’re looking for something comfortable and visually simple, without the colors then this might be for you.

Don’t see something that matches your design? Fel If you’re interested to see more, feel free to browse through our complete list of available bean bags for sale. We ship anywhere in Malaysia!


Now that you know all about bean bags, are you ready to buy one for your home? What are the questions you have about bean bags that we might have missed?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Also feel free to take a picture of your bean bags at home and share them with us in the comments. You might just be featured in our next post!

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