Trying to make the best out of your car porch? 

Your home car porch isn’t just a space for your car, it is the very first thing your guests would see when they visit your home. This is especially true if you’re staying in a landed home. 

So, when the car porch tiles (or parking tiles) are refurbished well, it can be a good opportunity to present a good first impression for your home and showcase the home vibe that you’re aiming for. 

And to do that, we usually advise homeowners to focus on the car porch tile design. In this article, we’ll share 8 practical car porch tile designs for landed houses. 

If you’re currently renovating your terrace home or are planning to buy a landed property soon, then this article is for you!

Let’s dive in. 

Choosing your car porch tiles 

While it’s easy to get carried away about designing your kitchen area or perfecting that renovation budget, the car porch tile designs too, will require some careful planning.

And there are a few factors you need to consider when choosing the car porch tiles. Let’s look into each of the factors.

Tiles with high strength & great durability 

Since the porch tiles will be exposed to various weights (multiple cars loading on the tiles) and weather conditions (think Malaysia’s fluctuating weather), the tiles must be very strong and of high quality.

Especially if you have an outdoor parking area, the tiles must be able to withstand extensive wear and tears. 

So what type of car porch tiles should you choose? This leads us to our next point.

Vitrified or non-vitrified tiles

Vitrified tiles are the best as your car porch tiles.
Image Source: THH

At HOMA2u we received this questions a lot from homeowners: 

“Should I go with porcelain tiles or vitrified tiles?”

Our answer is always vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are designed to receive constant wear and tear. And they are built to sustain high loading as well. Even when the tiles get chipped or scarred, the damage is always hardly noticeable. 

That’s why vitrified tiles are the best tile as your car porch tiles. 

Non-slip tiles & water-resistant 

Apart from having great durability, the car porch tiles need to be non-slippery and water-resistant too. And we usually advise homeowners to seek for tiles with matt finishing.

Matt finish tiles have a rough texture, giving it a natural anti-skid feature. Moreover, these tiles do not crack or break too easily, again making them the ideal tile type for car porch. 

Protip: If all these tile terms sound too foreign for you, simply consult your interior designers or contractors on this. They are always here to help!  

Appearance & colors 

Lastly, apart from the properties of tile, you need to consider the appearance and colors of the tile as well. This is the part where the tiles can influence the style of your home or even complement it.  

You can choose to match the tile pattern to your home space or switch up the designs to immediately create a sharp contrast (making the parking space stand out!).

Car porch tiles can influence the style of your home.
Image Source: Architecture Lab 

The colors of the porch tiles can influence the aesthetic of the parking space too. Though, this will largely depend on the lighting condition of the area:

  • If the parking space is enclosed or located in the basement, we’ll usually advise homeowners to choose porch tiles of lighter shades and tones. This will display a sense of openness and add light to the area.
  • If the parking area is open space, darker shade tiles will be more suitable. 
Darker shade car porch tiles will be more suitable for open parking space.
Image Source: DriveWayWise

8 practical car porch tile designs for your landed home

After understanding the factors on choosing car porch tiles, let’s look into some porch tile designs that hopefully, can inspire you for your parking renovation project.

1 – Squared tiles in hexagon pattern

Patterned car porch tile design are suitable for fairly toned down home exterior.
Image Source: Astila

Patterned tiles like the picture above are suitable when you have a fairly toned down home exterior. The darker colors coupled with the hexagon pattern make for a stand out parking area. 

However, do take note on the colors applied on the home exterior so that the style between both the home exterior and car porch area doesn’t clash. 

Protip: Apart from hexagon tile pattern, you can also explore other tile patterns such as Herringbone tile pattern, staggered stack, vertical stack and more. 

2 – Combining wood & pebbles in your car porch tiles

Pops of pebbles between tiles add appeal to car porch pattern
Image Source: Tile Outlets

These fabulous porch tiles are perfectly suited if you prefer something more unconventional. The pops of pebbles in between have that upscale appeal and when combined with the natural wood-looking tiles, you’ll have a car porch that’s instantly modern and chic! 

3 – Standard car porch tile pattern 

A simple and standard car porch tiles design layout in Malaysia.
Image Source: UniLock

If you prefer something more simple, then the design above could be to your liking. The design is simple, conventional and clean, very suitable for large parking spaces. 

It is also the typical porch tile design you’ll see in almost every Malaysian home. 

4 – Darker tone porcelain tiles

Darker toned porcelain tiles for a modern car porch tiles design
Image Source: All Modern

Another simple car porch tile design that is modern and effective. The color is more toned-down and doesn’t entirely take away people’s attention. The design is very suitable if you have a more colorful home exterior or cars with more vibrant colors.

5 – Applying terracotta tiles

Go old-school with terracotta for unconventional car porch tile design
Image Source: Tile Bar 

Terracotta tile, an attractive red-colored tile that has a mixture of light and dark tones. Notice the range of colors in all the tiles above. And that’s the beauty of terracotta tiles. The tiles are old-schooled and can fit into very specific home designs. 

Though not as conventional as the other porch tile designs, if you love the aesthetic, why not go for it? 

6 – Homogeneous porch tiles 

Homogenous tile for consistency in color and pattern for car porch tiles design.
Image Source: Popi Home

If you prefer consistency in your tile color and pattern, you can also opt for tiles with homogenous colors (like the design above). Notice there is no pattern at all. Just plain old black color. 

Though the magic in the design actually lies in the stone pavements and how that complement the porch tiles. If you have more leftover budget or a larger parking space, then this design could be a steal for you! 

7 – Using stone-looking tiles in your car porch

Stone-looking car porch tiles gives off a natural feel to a layout design
Image Source: Infinite Paving 

Another way to switch up the design is by using stone-like looking tiles. The design gives off a natural feel and can complement your home especially if you have a lawn just beside it. 

8 – Using terra beige porch tiles

Add classic vibe with terra beige tiles as car porch tiles.
Image Source: The Home Depot 

Last one – Terra beige tile. The design above channels style from the Medieval era and has that classic vibe to it.

Protip: Do note this type of porch design will definitely cost more because of its exquisite and complex design.  

Where to buy car porch tiles & how much? 

At HOMA2u, you can search for and purchase all sorts of tile flooring from our online store. The cost typically ranges between RM1.00/piece to RM114/piece, depending on the type of tile you choose.

Get your car porch tiles from HOMA2u online store.
HOMA2u’s online store

Other ways to enhance your car porch design

To make the best out of your car porch, tile design isn’t the only factor. There are other major considerations as well: 

  • Lighting of the parking area 
  • Paving for the porch tiles 
  • Matching the roof to the porch design and;
  • Introducing greeneries to the car porch area
Make the best out of your driveway with tiles, lighting, paving, roofing and greenery.

And there you go! These are our design tips for car porch tiles design. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below and if you need any home planning support, get in touch with our Hommies here.  

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