Malaysian Homeowners: Share Your Homes with Us!

Featured image: Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya by X Two Concept

At HOMA2u we want to share inspiring homes with our local community.

Have you recently redesigned your home? Or have you just completed a renovation? We want to hear about your home makeover and feature it in our HOMA2u Home Feature section.

You’ll also win a gift from us when we choose to feature your home!

Read below on how to submit your home to HOMA2u:

Step 1 – Tell us about your home makeover.

What inspired your home decor style? What inspired your home makeover and design?

Who helped you with your renovation project, what were some challenges and what did you like most about your current home? Share some home makeover tips that you’ve learned.

Tell us all about it!

Step 2 – Submit photos of your home.

We’re looking for clear photos of your home. And make sure to send us enough (3 minimum) so we have enough photos to feature. 

If you have before/after photos – that would be great, as our community loves looking at them. 

Step 3 – Ready to submit?

We’ll select a few homes to feature every week. To thank you for sharing and inspiring the community, we’d also like to give you a special gift, from our team at HOMA2u.


Our editing team will go through the submissions and might reach out to you for additional photos and information, so make sure to submit your best email and phone number!

If this all sounds good, click the link to submit your home: