Ever heard of fluted wall panels or really ‘fluted panels’?

Creating a feature wall whether in a home or commercial space – is an amazing way to add character, and style and a great way to draw people’s attention.

While there are many ways interior designers can creatively design feature walls, a popular choice many have gone for is to use fluted panels!

Introducing Fluted Wall Panels

First things first. ‘Fluted’ simply means having grooves or ridges.

And in that sense, Fluted wall panels are basically panels with grooves, serving as an aesthetically pleasing design.

Fluted panels are made of engineered wood fibers with PVC plastic. They are sometimes known as wood-plastic composite (WPC) panels. This brings a few benefits. Fluted wall panels are:

  • Have a natural wood finish. (Imitating the look of authentic wood)
  • Resistant to water, mold, and termites
  • Fire-retardant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Affordable, compared to using actual solid timber wood.
  • Easy to install.

The very best fluted panels usually look and feel almost like natural wood, complete with toning, wood grain patterns, and texture. They are also eco-friendly, as it’s made with sustainable and durable materials.

Fluted panel designs have gained lots of popularity because it provides great aesthetics and makes them perfect for the current style of how many homes and commercial spaces are designed.

How Fluted Panels are Usually Installed

Depending on your creativity, there are literally unlimited ways to install fluted panels. Popularly, there are two ways to install them.

Fluted Panels for Feature Walls

Fluted panels are used to create a feature wall or backdrop. This turns a dull, boring wall into one that attracts attention. The type of design achieved is contemporary.

Since fluted panels are usually sold in 10 feet length, it is tall enough for most walls. If your walls are shorter than 10 feet, you will have to cut the fluted panel with a miter saw or cutter.

Fluted Panels for Ceiling

Interestingly, fluted panels can also be installed on a ceiling. This turns plain ceiling walls into eye-catchy, luxurious-looking ceilings.

Fluted panels are suitable for outdoor ceilings as well, like a car porch or gazebo – as it is water and moisture-resistant.

6 Fluted Wall Panel Home Design Ideas

Need to see more ideas? Don’t worry, we got you!

As we said earlier, fluted wall panels can be used to design many interior areas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and even use them in unconventional interior areas.

But before you do that – here are 6 design interior ideas with fluted panels that will hopefully inspire you.

1 – Fluted Wall Panel for Living Room

The living room is where families spend most of their time in. That’s why the first place to consider designing a feature wall would be the living room. It’s also the room that most guests will first lay their eyes on.

living room wall panels

Using wood wall panels for the living room will bring coziness and warmth. Because it adds a layer to the ceiling, it will also help to bring down the internal temperature of the living room, making it a comfortable space.

2 – Ceiling Fluted Wood Panels for Car Porch & Gazebos

A big advantage of WPC fluted panels is that they are moisture and mold-resistant. That makes it great for outdoor ceiling walls like your car porch or gazebo.

car porch fluted panel

Adding wood panels to your car porch will give off a classy and elegant look. Put simply, it makes your home instantly look luxurious and expensive.

Also, because fluted panels are heat resistant, they can withstand our hot Malaysian sun. Its colors will not fade or discolor easily.

3 – Fluted Wall Panels for Bedroom Walls

The bedroom is where homeowners will spend most of their time in – resting. It’s also where you’d want a calm and serene atmosphere, to cool off after a hard day of work.

Fluted panels make the perfect bedroom feature wall because they are non-toxic and do not emit any dangerous substance or smell. You could also choose from an option of colors, which is friendly to the eye.

4 – Fluted Wall Panels for Dining Rooms

It’s not uncommon to also add a feature wall to walls in your dining room to add style and definition to the area. Rather than using common wall paint or hanging portraits, consider using fluted wall panels to create a feature wall.

dining room fluted wall

This adds an elegant, cafe or restaurant-like feel to an otherwise boring dining area. And believe it or not, can help make meals taste better at home too.

5 – Fluted Wall Panels for Cafes

Let’s take a look at commercial spaces.

Using fluted wall panels, for let’s say a cafe’s interior – adds that touch of elegance and a welcoming feel for your customers. This can help pull in more crowd for you.

cafe fluted wall panels

Plus fluted wall panels are durable, making them suitable for high human traffic areas like cafes or restaurants. No need to worry if water gets spilled on the walls because they are built to last.

On a plus side, fluted wood panels also act as a sound insulator to absorb and deflect the room noise in busy cafes, making the place more comfortable for your guest.

6 – Fluted Wall Panels for Offices.

Want to spruce up the working environment? Then instead of having boring cubicles and partitions, deck up your office with fluted wall panels to strike up creativity and inspiration at the workspace.

Luxurious board room with meeting table and chairs

Fluted panels can add that texture and color to your workspace without taking away its professionalism. It’s a great choice especially if your office welcomes visitors regularly, and you like to leave a lasting impression.

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