Are you a big lover of having as much natural sunlight in your home? Or do you have an open space but want privacy in certain areas of your home?

Glass Bricks will be the perfect solution for your home.

What are glass bricks? (Sometimes referred to as glass blocks).

Source: Arch Daily

Glass bricks, also known as glass blocks, are made from glass and can be used as partition walls or screen walls. Most people install glass brick walls to divide a room or replace a wall to draw more light in.

Although some may argue that glass bricks look dated, there are new trends and styles you can refer to your advantage. Glass Bricks are a simple yet elevated way to spruce up your space and we’ll show you how.

Why should you use glass bricks?

1. You don’t want too much renovation work to be done.

This is suitable for those who want a home makeover but don’t want to go through too much of the hassle – glass bricks are easier to install while sprucing up your space.

2. Natural sunlight.

It gives your space more natural sunlight with some privacy at the same time depending on the glass brick design you choose. 

3. You want to partition a particular area.

Glass bricks give an illusion of your space to not look closed off or appear too small.

4. Gives your home some personality.

Instead of having a blank wall, glass bricks allow you to stylize your home without overdoing it.

5. You don’t have to worry about maintenance

It’s simple to clean because of its glass material. To add on, glass bricks are typically sealed with mortar so it’s not needed to apply any additional coating or treatments over time.

6. Eco-friendly

Glass bricks are known to be an environmentally preferred product because it is a natural material, entirely recyclable and also reduces construction waste in general.

Source: Arch Daily

How To Use Them For Your Home Makeover?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question as it’s entirely up to your preference, creativity and if the desired space allows you to install it.

Here are a few areas in your home where you can install glass brick walls in hopes of giving you inspiration for your upcoming home makeover:

1. Kitchen

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Natural sunlight is able to flow through into your kitchen, giving you a nice, airy vibe.  

  • Form a glass brick wall as a partition from your outdoor to the indoor kitchen. 
  • Use it as a backsplash as it’s easy to clean too.

Check out the Glass Block Toba design for your kitchen space.

2. Bedrooms of home offices

Glass blocks allow natural daylight to brighten darker areas in a room. A few ways you can install glass bricks which can help make your room cozier:

  • Adding it as a partition wall to separate your vanity area and bed or your en-suite bathroom.
  • Switching up a blank wall as a feature wall by installing a half or full-glass brick wall.

3. Bathrooms

No one likes a gloomy-looking bathroom. Instead of using glass screens or windows, glass bricks help to draw lots of sunlight inside and give you that nice aesthetic and premium vibe.

The Glass Block Wave design would allow you to achieve a similar look and feel.

4. Hallways

Source: Arch Daily

If you have a long and narrow hallway, having a quadra design glass brick wall can give you a total makeover to a space! It brings attention and draws to that area as the focal point. 

You can mix and match different glass block designs like a diamond with a blocknet design while changing the color of the grout instead of the basic white – it adds a nice artistic touch.

5. Entrances

Source: T.L. Dixon

If you own a landed property, adding a glass brick wall or style next to your main door will draw a nice amount of sunlight into your home.

You wouldn’t need to worry about not having enough sunlight and with the suitable glass brick design, you also wouldn’t need to worry about nosy neighbors peeking in.

Things To Take Note

Not all glass brick designs give you privacy.

It’s important to do your research to know which would be suited for that particular area. Some are more opaque and some are as transparent as a window.

Feel free to reach out to our HOMA2u specialists for consultation. We’d be happy to help you out.

Check if the area you’re installing your glass bricks is suitable.

With our tropical Malaysian weather, the area the glass bricks are installed in and even the number of pieces matter for your comfort.

Reason being, with the amount of sunlight that comes through the glass bricks, your room or space can become even warmer depending on where the sun hits.


What do you think of glass bricks? We hope this article changed your perception of glass bricks being “outdated” and how to spruce up your home with glass bricks in different ways.

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