Excerpt: Safety at home is just as important as the physical and mental health of you and your loved ones. 

Home is where you and your family grow, nurture and make lots of memories together. So, you’ll always want to make sure your heaven is safe and sound, right? 

Safety at home isn’t about setting up a zombie apocalypse plan – we aren’t in a movie or TV show. In fact, it’s about carefully considering the home safety items checklist to make sure you have the right tools when things go sideways.

In the spirit, we will list down the top 10 essentials that’ll help you maximize safety at home.

Fire Alarm

According to the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, about 40% out of the yearly 30,000 to 60,000 incidents are reported from private homes. The figure is quite astounding and scary if you are a private homeowner in Malaysia.

Usually, fire incidents turn into significant incidents as they aren’t dealt with in the first place. Why? Simply because of the absence of a fire alarm.

A fire alarm quickly allows one to alert the members of the house if there’s something fishy going on. On the split side, the absence of the equipment keeps everyone unnoticed, and then we all know the horrific ending.

Decent fire alarms are readily available on the market. They are affordable, efficient, and easy to install. So, don’t wait for any other event to shake you up and set up a fire alarm today in your house.

Fire alarm is an essential home safety item

Fire Extinguisher

Oh, sial! That’s literally the phrase that would come out of the majority of Malays if there’s a fire dancing around in their house. So, whether your stay-at-home cooking sessions went sideways or the kids were just experimenting with something – you quickly need to rush and get the fire extinguisher before it gets too late.

With a fire extinguisher, you can call off the bigger incident in the making. Once you are alert about the fire situation in your house, the extinguisher will help you to put it off for good.

Now, before you buy a fire extinguisher, properly research about it. There are many types of extinguishers available in the market, like dry powder. Once you have made the decision, you can check out Fire Fighter Industry – it’s Malaysia’s #1 fire safety company.

Fire extinguisher is an essential home safety item

First Aid Kit

Emergencies can happen at any time, and before you rush towards your nearest hospital, First Aid is necessary. With a First Aid Kit in your home, you can easily deal with situations like shocks, bleeding, burns, and everything in between.

To use a First Aid Kit, you don’t need to be a verified official. As it’s just an emergency help, not to mention an important one, having a kit can benefit you and your loved ones in rough situations.

A first aid kit includes all the essentials for providing emergency help to those in need. In Malaysia, a typical kit provides you with Antiseptic Cream, Absorbent Cotton Swabs, Gauze Swabs, Paracetamol Tablets  Medicated Oil, and more. You can purchase a First Aid Kit in Malaysia from stores like VitalFour Medical, Watsons, MediaShield, etc.

First aid kit is an essential home safety item

CO Detector

CO or Carbon Monoxide is a deadly and poisonous gas. Often, it leaks from your home appliances that are faulty or aren’t fit correctly. Regardless of the reason or source, it can quickly build up in your house and cause some severe damage to the health of house residents.

As CO is a colorless and odorless gas, you won’t even realize when it hits you. Some symptoms of the gas can be feeling weak and dizzy, including chest pains, headaches, confusion, and upset stomach.

So, for your home safety items checklist, a CO detector is a must. It’s the only equipment that provides a reliable way to measure the deadly gas.

You can buy a CO detector easily in Malaysia online or by going to your nearest departmental store. While picking one, make sure it’s made by a reputable and popular brand in the safety at home industry.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm is an essential home safety item

Burglar Alarm

According to Knoema’s report on Burglary in Malaysia, the home break rate was 104.2 cases per 100,000 population in 2006. So, you never know when an intruder might break into your house.

It’s better to always keep yourself one step ahead of the invader – and that can be done by simply installing a burglar alarm. You’ll find many options on the internet, both basic and advanced. For example, some would cover a high radius, whereas others are only meant for a specific area.

Learn about the 101s of Burglar Alarms before buying one. Then, once you are done, you can consider manufacturers like Magnet Security and SECOM Smart Malaysia to purchase one for your home sweet home.

Burglar alarm is an essential home safety item

An All-In-One Hard Copy of Emergency Contacts

You might not realize it, but when the trouble comes, the majority of people go numb. As a result, they are unable to function properly and call for the relevant help – concluding in even a more significant incident.

That’s why you must have an all-in-one hard copy of emergency contacts right at your disposal in your house. It should be easily accessible and locatable by all the people in the house.

The list must include contact numbers of doctors, insurance companies, nearest hospitals, ambulance & police helpline, and more. Also, make sure to update the numbers from time to time.

We’ll recommend using an A4 size page to draft this type of list. Similarly, use bold colors and ensure proper writing style to make numbers easily readable.

Emergency contact list is an essential home safety item

CCTV Camera Security

In Malaysia, the security segment would reach US$41m in 2022, mainly because of the smart locks and camera security systems – as reported by Statistica. So, how can we forget about CCTV when it comes to safety at home

A surveillance system lets you see what’s going on around your house. Whether it’s your garage, backyard, boundary area and you name it, adding a CCTV system keeps you updated on all the blind spots of your house. 

No matter where you are, in your living room, upstairs, bedroom, or even away from the house, you get to monitor all the activity in real-time. 

Adding a CCTV camera security system would multiply your vision. You’ll be able to attend to different places in your house without sacrificing your comfort. From watching kids to checking on your servants and monitoring invaders, the system would help you do it all.

CCTV is an essential home safety item


Who needs a separate torch when we all have it built in our smartphones, right? Wrong. 

A torch can turn out to be one of the most crucial home safety equipment. In natural disasters and power outages, a torch can help you out a load. From finding essential things to acting as a solid haunt partner, a torch comes in quite handy.

With a torch, you can cancel the plan of sacrificing those vital percentages of your battery just to use light.

There are many types of torches you can buy in Malaysia. While picking one for your house, make sure to buy extra branded batteries with it. Also, pick the one that features almost 100 lumens of brightness.

A torchlight is an essential home safety item

Fireproof Safe

If you keep all of your expensive and priceless belongings in your house, make sure to buy a fireproof safe for them.

The future is unpredictable, and that’s why you must expect the unexpected. In a blink of an eye, a fire can destroy your house, an electric circuit can turn all of your dreams into ashes, or an intruder can break in – anything can happen.

With all your special belongings and items in a fireproof safe, you’ll stay worry-free if something bad comes up. Things like cash, jewelry, insurance, important documents, and more must be kept inside a fireproof safe so they can help you build up once again when the testing times are over.

There are many renowned brands in Malaysia that manufacture fireproof safes. Do your homework, then pick the one according to your home needs to maximize safety at home.

Fireproof safe is an essential home safety item

Emergency Kit

Run out of all options and have to evacuate your house anyhow? That’s where an emergency kit would come into play. 

An emergency kit includes all the essential items you need to take with you when you leave your house. Some of the things include extra batteries, a first aid kit, torch, some food, money, your important documents, water, and everything in between.

Think of an emergency kit as your partner on the road – it’s the only belonging you or your family members own.

Emergency kit is an essential home safety item

Final Words

And that’s a wrap! We are done listing the ten home safety items you should (or must) have in your house.

Which item are you thinking about adding to your home? Or do you think there’s something we missed? Feel free to share your comments, suggestions, and opinions in the comments section.

Till then, stay home and stay safe!

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