Are you planning to renovate your condominium soon? 

Before you start buying tiles or ordering that favorite kitchen countertop of yours, let’s take a step back and think about how best you can design your condominium. (which is an important first step!)

A typical condo size ranges between 600 square feet to 1200 square feet. A good condo interior design can make the space look spacious and functional both at the same time. A poor design on the other hand, will make the space look unattractive and unappealing. 

A condominium with exposed brick element

For convenience, most condominium owners in Malaysia rather opt for a minimalistic design that is simple and hassle-free.

But your condo’s interior design doesn’t have to be dull and boring all the time. In this article, HOMA2U will share 10 must-see interior design ideas that you can immediately steal for your condo!

Let’s get into it. 

1- Create a bigger space with white color paint

A typical white color design condominium interior
Image Source: West Elm

Our first must-see condominium interior design is none other than the typical overall white color design. White is a popular color choice among most homeowners in Malaysia. 

Apart from it being the popular color choice, it is also the safest choice. Because you wouldn’t go wrong with white. The color is compatible with most interior designs. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to mix and match your furniture colors. 

Lastly, applying a white color paint will also create the illusion of a bigger space. 

Protip: If you’re planning on re-selling your condo at a future price, choosing white color paint as the overall design has the added advantage of keeping the condo design neutral. (pssst: neutral white walls sell more quickly) 

2- Add a modern touch with dark-coloured designs

A modern touch with dark-coloured design condominium interior
Image Source: Asia One 

Once you go black, you’ll never go back. This chic design uses the overall condo space smartly while applying dark-coloured paint (mostly black). It creates a modern feel and bodes well if you like to showcase the character of your condo’s interior design. 

Apart from the black wall paint and furniture, you can also play around with the color of your kitchen countertop or use black subway tiles as your kitchen backsplash. 

Protip: This design will be best if it matches with a condo area that has plenty of natural light.  

3- Transform your condo layout with a partial divider

Use of a partial divider in condominium interior
Image Source: Western Living

Instead of closing off your condo area with a partition, choose a functional divider.

This doesn’t entirely cut off the bedroom area from the living room but instead, connects them together. It is a smart way of utilizing the interior space, especially if you own a smaller condo area.

Protip: Make sure the furniture choice and interior colors have a similar tone to them. This is so to make sure the overall design exists in harmony with each other and not create visual conflicts. 

4- Tailor your one-bedroom design

Use of a functional divider to connect bedroom and work area interior design

If you own a small condo, a smart decision would be to not overcomplicate the designs. 

Utilize the room layout properly instead. At HOMA2u, we usually recommend condos that are between the sizes of 600 square feet to 800 square feet to go with a one-bedroom design.

The design above brilliantly connects the bedroom space to the work desk area again, using a functional divider (but with a different design & pattern compared to the above ones).

Protip: With a one-bedroom design, it will be good to keep to a minimalistic design. You can keep to one overall tone or color in order to create a homogenous feel. But also feel free to add a sharp-coloured painting or home accessories in between to make the interiors pop! 

5- Adding a mirror

Hanging a huge mirror creates the illusion of a bigger interior space

Another way to ‘fix’ your small condo problem is to hang a mirror in the room! 

Believe it or not – the reflection of the mirror itself has the added effect of creating the illusion of a bigger space. You can go with a bigger-sized mirror (like the design above) or smaller ones that fit into your condo’s interior design. 

Protip: If you’re a strong believer of Feng Shui, then having a mirror installed in your home can definitely help. But you need to consider the positioning of the mirror as well. Go give this article a read! 

6- Stand out with a sharp feature wall

Stand out feature wall interior

A white-colored design is good if you’re going for something more simple. A feature wall (like the ones above) on the other hand, makes for a stand out condo interior design. 

Apart from the feature wall like the above, you can also consider adding Moroccan tiles in between or ventilation blocks to complement the overall interior design. 

Protip: Make sure the colors and tone can co-exist in the same space so that they do not create visual conflicts. 

7- Go all out with your interiors

Going all out style in condominium interior design
Image Source: Casa De Valentina

If minimalism isn’t really your thing, you can also choose to go all out with the design. Utilize all the space in your condominium and make the best out of it. 

The design above looks packed but not without intention. The overall colors are consistent. The furniture definitely complements the style and the layout is completely stuffed (but in a good way). 

Protip: Remember, always keep the color choices to one or two. And make sure the colors are homogenous with the furniture style. 

8- TV as your built-in feature wall 

TV as interior feature wall
Image Source: Dezign Inspirations 

At HOMA2u, a good television is an important criteria for a lot of the homeowners that we’ve worked with. Whether it’s a 42 inch-sized TV or a huge-sized one (as big as 75 inches), many Malaysian homeowners chose TV as their starting point when planning about the design of their condo.

This is because TV and the living room are where most people hangout after work. It is a good place to chill either alone or with families. The design above is definitely a steal if TV is something important to you as well. 

Having a built-in TV integrated with your furniture choice is important to create an overall cohesive interior design!

9- Sticking to one color (while making the interiors pop)

Upscale feel interior design
Image Source:  Boston Magazine

The condo design above sticks to one color – white, which has an added advantage of creating the illusion of a bigger space. But there’s a catch. 

The design actually goes the other way round by having the condo layout jam-packed with home accessories and custom-designed furniture. Done right and the design will help channel that upscale value. If done wrong, the design will literally translate into a homeowner’s nightmare. 

So, select your color choice and furniture style carefully if you’re going with such a design. This is so to prevent any potential visual conflict (which is bad from a design standpoint).

10- Don’t forget about your curtain design

Feature curtain design in condominium
Image Source: West Elm

Curtain designs may seem mundane and unimportant but they can definitely make or break the overall design of your condominium. So, don’t overlook your curtain design.

You can stick to a simplistic interior design style but throw in a feature curtain design (like the design above). This will help enhance the overall feel of your condo and instantly transform the design! 

Protip: Always pair a sharp-coloured curtain with an overall plain background.


There you go! 10 must-see condominium interior design ideas in Malaysia. 
Still need some idea on how to plan for your condo’s interior design? Reach out to Hommies now and receive a free consultation and planning support.

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