If you’ve been looking to buy building materials for your construction or home makeover, you probably have heard about overstock building materials.

Maybe you thought overstock means old construction materials that building material manufacturers want to sell away.

In this post, we’ll explain what overstock building materials are – and why we think you should consider buying them.

What is overstock?

You’re probably wondering – are overstock materials safe to buy? They are old products, right?

Actually, overstock building materials are brand new. Only certain overstock items have been stored for some time, and don’t come with their original packaging.

The overstock materials you’ll find us selling are usually:

  • Tiles (Branded and non-branded tiles)
  • Ventilation blocks
  • Sanitary ware. (Bathroom sinks, faucets & water closets.)
  • Roof tiles.
  • Furniture
  • and more…

Maybe you thought that overstock building materials are not of the best quality, have defects, or have quality issues.

The truth?

Those are usually misconceptions. It’s perfectly safe to buy overstock materials. Plus, at HOMA2u we guarantee the quality of the items as they reach you. Anytime you find broken items or defects, just message us and we’ll change them for you.

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How we source overstock materials at HOMA2u.

Our mission at HOMA2u is to reduce carbon footprint by recycling, reusing, and repurposing. Here are the ways we get the overstock items that we sell to you at amazing prices.:

1 – Recover construction materials from development projects with leftover materials.

Oftentimes, a property development project will stock up on excess building materials as they develop a property. The extra stock would be used to replace any defects when the property is sold to the owners – such as tile chips, cracks, and more. 

Sometimes, due to bad planning, these excess building materials can amount to quite a big lot. 

In this case, these brand-new building materials are often abandoned or even thrown away. This is where we come in to recover the excess stock from developers.

2 – Abandoned development projects. 

Some of our overstock items are recovered from development projects that got abandoned due to insufficient funds or a dispute.

In this case, developers have to liquidate their building materials, and we help them offset their losses.

3 – Badly managed construction projects. 

Many small and even large-scale construction projects are badly managed, where excessive or unused building materials are purchased. 

Usually, these constructors have no use for keeping the building materials – as it takes up space, so we help them by buying up the materials and storing them at our warehouse.

4 – Unsold materials.

Certain building materials, like a water closet (W.C.) can be bulky. Manufacturers sometimes do not want to keep old stock as it takes up valuable space in their warehouse. 

Even transporting them will involve cost, so we help product manufacturers buy off their old stock and create an offer for our customers (you!) to buy them at crazy discounts.

Are overstock building materials low quality?

As explained above, you can see that most overstock building materials are in fact new and unused. The only thing is that they may be stored for some time. Because of that, the packaging might look a little old. 

Also, because some of these overstock materials are in fact surplus stock from development projects, you may not have enough quantity if you’re especially looking to buy a huge amount of overstock items. 

Depending on how these overstock materials are stored, some of them might have small defects such as stains or minor chips. 

We are sure to label the overstock materials on our website as “Brand New” or “Like New” – so you are more aware of the condition before making a purchase.


Why buy overstock building materials? 

  1. You get high-quality tiles at a lower price

For some, they want the best value for money for any type of purchase. Hence, buying overstock building materials would be a suitable option for you if you fall under that category.

Depending on the overstock materials, you can find items like tiles and ventilation blocks that cost 70% less than if you were to buy them brand new.

2. You help make the earth greener.

One of the greater benefits of buying overstock tiles would be that you’re not creating to more carbon footprint. Instead, you’re supporting the environment by not having them end up at the landfill. 

Plus, the overstock building materials sold at HOMA2u are pretty much-considered brand-new! So, it would be an even total waste if these materials do not have a home. 

Now that you’re aware of what overstock building materials are, the decision is in your hands. Would you be buying them?

HOMA2u is a home improvement & building materials supplier that supplies in the most affordable way for homeowners all over Malaysia. 

Shop at our online store now and discover the best deal for all your renovation needs.


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