In this episode, we recovered more than 20 palettes of branded porcelain tiles from a construction junkyard in Klang Valley.

What are overstock construction materials?

When developers and contractors order building materials, such as tiles, bricks, ventilation blocks and wood for projects – they usually order in excess.

This is a common practice to prevent unforeseen circumstances, such as having not enough materials, due to defective units.

This means, at the end of a construction project, there would be excess of materials on-site. A lot of these materials then get abandoned in warehouses or ‘junkyards’.

In some cases, developers and manufacturers also face the same type of problem, when development projects get canceled and such.

This is where we at HOMA2u come in to acquire these materials and provide them at an affordable cost to you, our customers!

Are overstocked tiles in good quality?

Most definitely!

These overstock materials are sometimes still in their boxes and we pick the materials that are in good shape.

When we do this, we help reduce the carbon footprint left by construction projects by giving these construction materials a second home.

What are some tiles we offer at HOMA2u?

Through many of our overstock recoveries, we’ve acquired branded tiles from brands such as as Niro, Feruni, MML and White Horse.

From wall tiles, floor tiles to decorative tiles, feel free to browse through our site or talk us to find the materials you need for your home construction project.

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