Are you planning to build a new swimming pool in your home’s backyard? 

What are the costs involved? What pool tiles should you choose and where can you buy them from in Malaysia? And how do you go about planning the construction of a swimming pool? 

A rectangular tiled swimming pool  focused to handrails.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know before building a swimming pool, how to plan for your budget, the tile choices you can consider and more.

6 things to consider before building a swimming pool in your home

While it’s exciting to immediately start looking into the costs, type of pool tiles you like or getting in touch with a pool expert, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. 

1 – Determine how much space you have for the pool

First and foremost, you need to determine the amount of empty space you have for your pool. 

Consider first whether you’re clearing up an existing space to accommodate for your new pool or you’re starting fresh with an empty backyard. It will be great if you have the house’s layout plan on hand. 

If you’re planning to buy a new house and know you want to install a swimming pool, then it will be best to search for residential projects that already have the pool design built in for you.  

In general, here are the standard pool size you can find in Malaysia (with an average depth between 1.2m -1.6m): 

  • 3m x 6m
  • 4.5m x 9m
  • 6m x 12m

Though, do note the sizing is customizable and will depend on the pool shape you choose.

2 – Consider the pool shape you want

A freeform turquoise tiled pool with handrails and stairs.

The type of pool shape you choose will directly influence the pool size and your pool budget. 

Generally, here are some of the most popular pool shape you can find in Malaysia:

  • Rectangular pools
  • Oval or round pools
  • Kidney-shaped pools
  • L-shaped swimming pools
  • Freeform shapes

3 – Determine your pool project budget 

Next, determine the budget for your pool. This is an important step as it will help determine the type of pool design and tiles you can go for and how intricate the pool design can be. 

Setting aside a budget will help make sure that you’re buying something that is within the allocated amount too.

4 – Find out neighbourhood & community rules

Normally, if you’re planning to construct a swimming pool within the compound of your property, there shouldn’t be much issue. 

But, it is always recommended to get in touch with the neighbourhood community or local authority to make sure that you’re not violating any rules or law. You can always check back with your contractor or interior designers on this as well. 

5 – Safety always comes first 

Always prioritize safety first. Don’t get too carried away with the design and have unrealistic expectations:

  • Do not overcomplicate the pool design. Make sure it is always compliance with the pool design guideline (generally handled by the pool expert you hired).
  • Make sure the pool tiles are slip-resistant. 
  • Consider also if you have young children in the house. You might need to reduce the pool depth or have other safety measures in place just in case any unexpected emergencies happen. 

6 – Weather considerations

Lastly, don’t forget about the weather conditions too, especially since we’re in Malaysia! 

Is your home located in an area prone to frequent rain? If yes, then it probably isn’t a good idea to build an outdoor swimming pool. 

How to choose your swimming pool tiles 

Now, after having all these considerations in mind, let’s finally look into choosing the best swimming pool tiles for your home. Here are 6 tips on how you can choose the best pool tiles.

1 – Consider mosaic tile

To start, we’ll begin with a typical and yet popular pool tile in Malaysia – mosaic tile.

Mosaic tiles for swimming pool are the go-to tiles for many contractors because of their various benefits:

  • Mosaic tiles do not absorb heat (making them easier for the paving works)
  • They are light and easily portable
  • They are stain-resistant (resulting in minimal maintenance works) 

2 – Make sure to use durable tiles inside the pool

Area inside the pool is where we have the most foot traffic volume. 

Therefore, consider using more durable tiles inside the pool area and make sure the tiles are slip resistant.

Protip: The finishing of the tiles should always have a glossy finish. This ensure the tiles offer less friction and will be easy to step on them through water. 

3 – Be creative with the coping area 

Coping area of blue swimming pool in dark blue patterned tiles

The coping area is the edge of the swimming pool. It is here where you can be more creative with the tile choices. 

Consider tiles such as Moroccan tiles or Terracotta tiles to instantly switch up your pool design and add life into it. 

4 – The tile colors for your pool

The most common pool tile colors are white and blue. Both these colors are good in reflecting light which helps in making the pool look more attractive. They are also suitable if you have a deeper swimming pool (helps in distorting the colors of the tiles.)

Apart from the color white and blue, you can also experiment with brighter color tiles or tiles that have other creative patterns to them. 

Protip: Avoid using dark colors inside the base of the pool for it will be less evident to show the depth of the pool (which is very dangerous if you have younger kids at home).

5 – How long does a pool tile last?

In general, the lifespan of pool tiles can last longer than 10 years. However, this will still depend on the type of tiles you choose and how frequent maintenance works are being carried out. 

At HOMA2u, we usually recommend homeowners to prioritize tiles that have lifetime guarantee to them. This is because it would be cost inefficient to keep on changing the tiles whenever there is damage. 

Also, look out for tile color fading as well. Some tiles are more prone to decolorization which will ruin the look and feel of your pool.

So, always check back with your contractor on the type of tiles he/she is using. Ask about the tiles’ durability and future maintenance works involved.

What are the other pool tiles you can consider?

Besides porcelain tiles, here are some other tiles you can consider too:

  • Porcelain tile, a trendy tile that is being used in swimming pools nowadays. They are widely used when you want to showcase a specific pattern or design inside your pool.
  • Stone tile, a pool tile type that immediately gives off an old-schooled, antique impression. If you like your pool looking natural-like, then stone tile is a good choice. 
  • Glass tile, a deserving pool tile that can add a touch of class to your swimming pool. If you’re keen to go all out with a luxurious pool design, then glass tile is your best bet. 
  • Fibreglass pool, a one piece swimming pool prebuilt from a mold in a factory. It is the most economical way of building a swimming pool. More about this later. 

What types of tiles are best for a swimming pool?

While there is no straightforward answer for this, it really depends on the pool design and tiles requirements you’re going for. 

Blue mosaic swimming pool tiles

As shared earlier, the type of pool tiles you used will help shape the style of the swimming pool. At HOMA2u, we usually advice homeowners to look at 3 factors when choosing the most suitable swimming pool tiles:

  • Style of the pool design (and the pool tiles)
  • Cost of building the swimming pool
  • Maintenance work of the pool

We already discussed the various swimming pool tile types in Malaysia. Now let’s look into the cost of building the pool and the maintenance work involved. 

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Malaysia?

In general, the cost of building a swimming pool could be anywhere between RM25,000 to RM100,000 and above. 

Don’t be surprised by the numbers. Building a swimming pool involved a lot of work:

  • Excavation
  • Steel fixing/rebar installation 
  • Concreting
  • Additional plumbing works
  • Coping & landscaping
  • Waterproofing
  • Maintenance 

If you’re on a tight budget, another choice you can go for is a fibreglass pool.

Benefits of a fibreglass pool

As mentioned earlier, fibreglass pool is a one piece swimming pool meaning that it comes altogether in one piece. 

Fibreglass pool fitted into a backyard.
Image Source: Leisure Pools

With this, you do not need to bulk purchase pool tiles or worry about overbuying the tiles. 

Here are the benefits of using a fibreglass pool:

  • Very economical when compared to the traditional way of building a swimming pool
  • Very long lifespan. On average, fibreglass pool can last more than 30 years
  • Low maintenance
  • Short installation time (3 to 6 weeks)
  • Durable and damage resistant
  • Stain resistant 
  • Requires the least electricity and chemicals

Pool maintenance

There is no such thing as maintenance-free when it comes to swimming pools.

Pool guy maintaining a pool with a cleaning tool.

As much as pool manufacturers like to advertise the properties of their pool product as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and algae-resistant, but the truth is, you’re essentially dealing with water.  

And if proper maintenance works aren’t being carried out, you could be seeing green water very soon. 

According to The Star, the average cost of pool maintenance service is between RM600 – RM2,000, depending on the pool size.

Where to buy swimming pool tiles in Malaysia?

Buy online from HOMA2u, your swimming pool tiles supplier in Malaysia and get them delivered to your doorstep!

Shop online for swimming pool tiles with Malaysian supplier, HOMA2u!
Image Source: HOMA2u’s online shop

We offer a range of mosaic pool tiles with a starting price of RM22/tile

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That’s all about our guide on building a swimming pool in Malaysia and how you can choose the best tiles for it. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment in our comment section below. 

Or if you’d like us to feature your pool design, feel free to submit your home designs here.

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