Not the type of million in the bank. But reaching and turning a million people to care a little more for the earth.

Starting with you.

What’s sustainability to you?

The #ONEMIL Mission.

Construction projects in Malaysia produce 25,600 tonnes of waste per day. How does that happen?

Well – excessive orders, failed projects and badly planned development. 

A lot of these waste are in fact totally new home improvement products – floor tiles, ventilation blocks, sanitary ware, you name it! 

HOMA comes in to rescue and salvage these unused products and offer them to you at below-market prices. And you save thousands of Ringgit in the process.

Thanks to your support, to date we have: 

How do you become an earth-saver?

It’s easy!

First – following what we do at HOMA2U, adopt the 3R mindset to, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Second – You will automatically be an earth-saver whenever you buy something from our online store. You’ll receive a unique number, that’s uniquely yours forever, to remind you and us about the mission to hit 1 million earth savers.

Once you got your unique number, share it on social media to inspire your friends to make a change.

While you’re at it – make sure to tag us @homa2udotcom and use hashtag #earthsaver. We’ll send you a sustainable pot for you to grow plants in and also to remind yourself of how awesome you are for being an earth-saver.

These sustainable pots are made out of recycled items.

All in all..

If you have read till this far, we want to congratulate you on your keen interest in making earth a better place.

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