Are you currently budgeting for the cost of your tile flooring installation? 

How much do they typically cost and what amount should you budget for? In this article, HOMA2u will share everything you need to know about tile installation cost. Here’s what will be covered:

  • Cost of 1 tile
  • Price of commonly used tiles in Malaysia
  • Factors used to calculate the tile flooring installation cost 
  • How much budget you should prepare

Let’s get into it. 

Is tile flooring expensive?

Not so if you plan properly. 

If you’re doing this by yourself (DIY), then you need to calculate how many tiles you’ll need for the space. 

For instance, to calculate how many tiles you need for your master bedroom, all you need to do is calculate the area of the room (length x width). Then, divide it by the area of the tile you’re buying. 

Simple as that. 

Wood floor tiles texture
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Let’s say you calculated and all you need is 14 boxes of 300mm X 600mm porcelain tiles in order to cover the floor with tiles. 

Instead of buying 14 boxes of tiles, buy 15. It is always recommended to buy more (say 15 or 16 boxes of porcelain tiles) as you need to account for wastage and broken tiles as well. 

Totalling up the price of the tiles and the cost of installation, the price usually ranges between RM2,500 – RM3,500. (we’ll share a more detailed breakdown next)

Protip: Do take into consideration the cost of hiring an interior designer too as this will add on to your budget. 

What is the cost of a single tile?

Depending on the size and brand of tiles you buy, the price may vary. And they typically range between RM1.80/piece (small-sized tile) – RM632.40/lot (huge-sized tile)

For instance, a 100mm X 600mm porcelain tile costs RM1.80/piece while a heavy-duty tile of the same size may cost up to RM2.70/piece. 

Mosaic floor tiles
Image Source: Chris Love Julia

Which tiles are expensive?

The cost of installing your tile flooring will definitely be affected by the type or brand of tiles you choose.

The more premium the tile is, the more you need to budget for. Let’s first look at a list of popular floor tiles in Malaysia:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Glass tile
  • Marble tile
  • Granite tile
  • Other natural stone tile

The most common ones are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Both tiles are very affordable and have a wide range of home applications. That’s why most Malaysian homeowners love them! 

You can usually find these tiles in the price range of RM1.80 – RM3.50 per tile.

Marble floor tiles
Image Source: My Stone Floor

However, for the more expensive tiles, here are their estimate pricing (will differ depending on brand and tile coating):

  1. Vinyl tile flooring – RM7/square feet
  2. Terracotta tile – RM8.50/tile
  3. Victorian porcelain tile – RM95/tile
  4. Mozaic unglazed tile – RM114/tile

The tiles we shared above are on the premium side. And their designs are usually more appealing and have a different tone to it.  

Terracotta tile flooring with victorian tile borders

If you like to keep it simple (like most homeowners do), you can always stick with porcelain and ceramic tiles. 

How much does it cost to install tile per square foot in Malaysia?

Depending on the contractor and interior designer, the cost of installing the tiles may differ. 

But the price of installation is typically between the range of RM11.20 to RM14.80 per square feet. If a contractor charges higher than that, then you probably need to look further into the pricing breakdown. 

Protip: The bigger the size of the tile, the costlier it will be. So, do take note. 

Cost of installing depends on floor tile layout required

Factors took into calculating your tile installation cost

Ultimately, the cost of tile installation will depend on a few main factors. When you’re accommodating for the tile installation budget, here are a few things you need to consider first. 

Size of the project

It goes without saying that the bigger the size of your home, the larger the cost.

As you know by now, most professionals will charge you based on the area of the project (the square footage). And it will depend on the size of the tile you buy which in turn affects the cost per square foot.

Study Room Tiled Floor
Image Source: Jenna Sue Design

The cost of labor

In Malaysia, labor can cost from RM4.80 to RM50 per square foot. 

The square footage will usually determine labor prices, but some professionals may charge by the hour. And if that’s the case, be prepared to pay higher for the overall tile installation costs.

Protip: Always ask the designer or contractor how they charge for their labor cost.

Type of tile used

As mentioned above, the type of tiles you choose will have a direct impact on cost.

Always go with the tiles that are of high quality and good strength. Certain type of tiles such as Moroccan tiles or subway tiles are not appropriate for flooring but bodes well for wall covering or kitchen backsplash. 

Protip: Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are the go-to tiles as they have good strength and are very affordable! 

Location of the tiles installed

This is an important factor that most homeowners missed out. 

The cost of installing tiles around a swimming pool or at your car porch area will definitely differ as compared to the cost of installing tiles in your living room. 

Tiles installed near a swimming pool will require their tile properties to be non-porous. And such tiles will have higher cost. 

The same goes to car porch tiles. The tiles will need to be of high strength and are susceptible to wear and tear. This, again will add on to the cost as well. 

Additional tile installation costs to consider

Additional price factors you need to consider include also the cost of subfloor repair & installation and the geographic location. 

Subfloor Repair & Installation

Subfloor is the layer immediately below the tiles. And if the layers are uneven or require fixing, these will add on to the costs as well.

Subfloor repair & installation are added cost to tile installation
Image Source: Semigloss Design

Typically, the cost of repairing ranges between RM40 to RM65, depending on how your contractor or designer charges. 

At HOMA2u, we do see a lot of homeowners opting out to fix the subfloor layer as they want to “save cost”. This is in fact, not recommended as an uneven subfloor layer or the non-functional ones will eventually lead to the tiles popping up

This will in turn add on to more costs for maintenance and repair. 

Geographic location

A lot of the time homeowners don’t notice this but the geographical location of your home will subtly affect the labor cost as well.

If your house is in a upscale location such as Bangsar South or Mont Kiara, do expect the labor cost to be slightly higher.

If your house is in a premium location such as Bangsar South or Mont Kiara, expect the labor cost to be slightly higher for floor tile installation
Image Source: Mansion Global

Cost of installing tile flooring

So, how much does it really cost to install tile flooring in your home? 

As a rough estimate, you should always budget around RM1,000 to RM3,500. But do bear in mind that the pricing may change depending on the tiles you choose and how big the area is. 

Don’t forget also the neighborhood your home is situated in. The more upscale or remote your home location is, the higher the installation cost will be. 

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