When planning how the result will look after furnishing our homes, we tend to overlook the bathroom. That’s one of the worst mistakes you can make with home planning since a person’s bathroom can say a lot about who they are. 

In a way, the cleanliness, design, and sanitaryware of your bathroom tell guests about your customs and personality. That’s why you have to make sure to pick the right sanitaryware, especially your toilet bowl!

You may think the process of choosing the right toilet bowl is quick and simple, but it’s quite the opposite. You have to consider many factors, such as the disposal method, shape, cleanliness, your bathroom layout, and of course, your budget. 

If you’re wondering how to make the process much easier, you’re at the right place. HOMA2u is a leading marketplace for home interior items. We are committed to providing the best home interior items to our customers. Keep reading as we tell you how to choose toilet bowls based on your preferences and budget. Plus, we’ll tell you a few cleaning and maintenance tips you should always keep in mind! 

Wall-Mounted Toilet Bowl

Type of Toilet Bowls

You can determine the type of toilet bowls in two categories: the disposal method/flushing style or the shape/design. 

Disposal Method

Here are the most common disposal methods seen in toilet bowls.

1- Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Pressure-Assisted Toilet Bowl
Image Credit – Archute

Pressure-assisted toilets are the most common toilet bowls used in homes, offices or any other place where the toilet is used by multiple people all day. There’s constant water flow into the tank, which builds up pressure. Pulling the handle releases the pressure, resulting in a quick and effective flush.

2- Gravity Toilet

Gravity-fed toilets are another common commode used in Malaysian households. This toilet utilizes a combination of levers, valves, and gravity to replace the waste with clean water every time you flush. 

3- Upflush Toilet

Upflush toilets are used when there’s no access to the plumbing system, but you still want to add a water closet. This toilet bowl sends the waste to the holding tank, where blades destroy the waste before being sent to your sewer link.

4- Urinals

Urinal and Two-Piece Toilet Bowl
Image Credit – waterless

Urinals are most commonly seen in men’s public bathrooms, but it’s also possible to get one in your personal bathroom if you have the space. You can either have a flush mechanism built-in to the urinal or flush waterlessly with the use of fragrant anti-disinfectants. 


Here are the most common shapes and designs of toilet bowls you can get in 2022.

1- One-Piece Bowls

One-piece toilet bowls are exactly what their name entails; they’re a single unit with no gap between the tank and the bowl. As a result, they’re easy to install and even easier to clean due to the lack of nooks and crevices. 

They’re ideal for anyone that wants to give their bathroom a more modern, clean finish. However, they are pretty heavy and also on the expensive side. 

2- Two-Piece Toilet Bowls

In a two-piece toilet, the bowl and tank come separately and are connected by pipes. The tank has to be mounted either to the bowl or the wall. Although they’re cheaper, they’re a little hard to clean due to the extra pieces.

This is the better option for someone who just wants to have a traditional bathroom interior while staying on a budget. 

3- Wall-Mounted Toilet Bowls

Wall-mounted toilet bowls are tankless commodes to save space and add to a modern aesthetic. However, since the tank is built inside the wall, it can be nearly impossible to access during maintenance. 

That’s why it’s best to ensure that there’s a panel that you can open up and access the tank with ease. 

4- Tankless Toilet

Tankless Toilet
Image credit – Sebring design build

If you want to eliminate the tank entirely, opt for a tankless toilet connected directly to a greywater tank or the city water main. While they save space, they require a lot of water for a powerful flush.

So, if you’re trying to save water, we wouldn’t recommend going for a tankless toilet bowl.

How to Choose a Toilet Bowl

Here are a few steps to take while choosing the ideal toilet bowl for your bathroom.

1- Identify Whether Your Toilet Bowl is a P or S Trap.

The toilet bowl’s “trap” is where the toilet pipe bends, with the main purpose of expelling the waste. While a P trap is connected to the wall, an S trap is connected to the bathroom floor. Picking between one is mainly a matter of preference.

2- Measure the Outlet Distance

To ensure your toilet bowl fits perfectly in your bathroom, you must measure the outlet distance. The outlet distance is the distance from the wall to the center of the outlet for the S-trap. In the case of a P-trap, you must measure from the outlet on the wall to the floor. 

3- Pick Your Preferred Flush Style

Then, you can pick which flush style fits you best. You can either opt for a single flush toilet that has one trigger dispensing the same amount of water every time. On the other hand, dual flush toilet offers different water pressure for liquid waste and solid waste. You can also go for a touchless flush for a germ-free option. 

Other than that, consider factors such as water efficiency, noisiness, speed, and ease of use. 

4- Pick Your Preferred Shape

A range of typical toilet bowl shapes in Malaysia
Image Credit – bathshop321

This factor mainly depends on your bathroom’s size, layout, and aesthetic. For example, we’d recommend a wall-mounted or tankless toilet bowl if you have a small bathroom with a modish and minimalistic interior. However, if you’re going for a more traditional look, a two-piece toilet should work just fine.

You can also go for untraditional toilet bowl shapes such as an elongated round or a square toilet bowl to make it stand out.

5- Consider Bonus Features

To minimize toilet paper use, you can also consider a bidet or washlet with your toilet bowl. Besides that, certain toilet bowls come with deodorizers to neutralize unpleasant scents in the bathroom.

You could also go for a smart toilet, which contains all these features and more. That includes heated seats, self-drying, slow-drop toilet seats, etc. 

6- Keep Under Budget

Of course, you have to remember to stay on budget if you don’t want to break the bank while buying the right sanitaryware. Tankless and one-piece toilets are on the expensive side, while traditional, two-piece toilet bowls are a better option if you’re looking for something cheaper.

How Much Do Toilet Bowls Cost?

The prices of toilet bowls vary based on the quality, style, brand, and added features. 


JohnsonSuisse is one of Malaysia’s best toilet bowl brands with 25 years of experience in their expertise, which are bathroom solutions. Their toilet bowl prices range from RM 680 to RM 980, affordable while still high-quality.


Gasdum is one of Malaysia’s most affordable water closet brand, with prices ranging from RM 160 to RM 410. They’re known for their reasonable pricing with absolutely no compromise on quality. 


Toto is surely on the pricier side, with their prices ranging from RM 1,045 to RM 52,400. But, with the wide range of options available and the undoubtedly high-quality, it’ll be worth the investment.


Kohler is a luxury manufacturer of sanitaryware, only making the best of the best toilet bowls. Their prices range from RM 1,000 to RM 23,650, making them the top brand to invest in for a opulent bathroom experience.

Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few mistakes that can cost you and your home a lot when picking the right toilet bowl.

1- Slamming & Loud Toilet Seats

One of the main problems people face with toilet seats is slamming toilet seats. Not only it is loud, but it can also be pretty awkward for the people outside the bathroom. In this case, opt for a soft-close seat that doesn’t slam when you let go of it. 

Instead, they drift shut gently and slowly. If you’re looking for seats that are easy to detach and reattach when it’s time to clean your bathroom, opt for quick-remove seats. Another factor to consider about toilet seats is to avoid cushioning them with cloth covers; that can be extremely unhygienic!

2- Noisy Flushes

Admittedly, pressure-assisted toilets are the best option when it comes to water efficiency. Plus, you’ll most likely never experience clogs when it comes to these toilets and won’t have to fuss over cleaning every day. 

However, pressure-assisted toilets are loud when it comes to flushing. Not only it is inconvenient for communal bathrooms, it’s also a nuisance at night. If you have the budget, you can opt for a smart toilet. 

These toilets not only have a more muted flush, but they also dry themselves off using air dryers. Plus, they warm up during colder days!

3- Colored Toilet Seats

While it may seem appealing to go for colored toilet bowls to stand out or match your bathroom’s aesthetic, remember that most toilet bowls are white for a reason! That’s because the lack of color makes it much easier to detect any dirt, grime, or waste and clean it off instantly. 

Colored toilet seats, especially black ones, are nearly impossible to clean, interfering with the hygiene of your bathroom. Other than that, colored toilet seats make it hard for you to sell your home in the future since most people are expecting white toilet bowls. 

4- Toilet Bowl Fitted Too High

Ensuring that your toilet bowl is at the ideal height is way more important than it seems. Comfort height toilet seats are a much better option for those that have a bad back or bad knees. Plus, they’re just comfortable in general!

Other than that, comfort heights are also great in homes with children as the toilet seat is easier to access at their height. 

Toilet Bowl Maintenance Tips

Here are a few maintenance tips on how to clean and maintain toilet bowls. 

1- Check for Water Leaks

Every now and then, you should check for water leaks in your water closet. You can do so by looking for wet stops around the pipes and around the toilet. Other than that, you can also use food coloring to check for leaks. 

All you have to do is put 5 to 10 drops of food coloring into your toilet bowl. If the water changes, that means there is a leak you should be concerned about. In that case, call a plumber as soon as possible and get it checked. 

Leaks not only cause spikes in your water bill, but they can also cause serious damage to your floors and walls. 

2- Check the Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off or stop valve is the knob that stops water flow into your toilet at all times. Once you locate this knob under or behind the toilet seat, move it around to see if it is turnable. If it won’t budge, that means your shut-off valve is faulty. This is a great time to call a professional for shut-off valve repair. 

3- Check the Fill Valve

To check the fill valve, you have to remove the tank lid and flush the toilet. The fill valve should stop dispensing water after the tank is completely full. If it does not stop, change it immediately as it could result in overflows. 

4- Treating Toilet Bowl as A Trash Can

Most importantly, you have to remember not to treat your toilet bowl like a garbage can. It’s essential that you don’t throw anything in your toilet bowl that isn’t tissue paper. Trying to flush things like feminine products, cleaning, and cotton wipes are only going to clog the pipes. 

In case you do clog the toilet, use plungers, snakes, or augers to help tackle this issue instantly. 


When you put thought and effort into the process of picking out a toilet bowl, it’ll surprise you how much more functional and easy to clean than the previous option. As a result, you’ll end up with a practical bathroom layout and a savvy commode!

If you’re looking for high-quality yet affordable home interior items, HOMA2u has some of the best brands in Malaysia. If you’re a homeowner, don’t wait any longer to check their latest promotions as soon as possible!

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