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Water Filtration

Brand: 3M Model: CTM-02
Product DetailsAn elegantly designed countertop drinking water system that gives your home easy access to better quality drinking water.Brand : 3MModel : CTM-023M, a global leader in Residential water filtration with over 50 years of filtration experience, continues to provide revolutionary products..
Ex Tax:RM1,119.00
Brand: 3M Model: HCD-2 Dispenser
Product DetailsBrand : 3MModel : HCD-2Intelligently combines carbon and UV filtration technology to remove harmful contaminant and deactivates 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria and virus, doubling the protection in every drop. Can inhibits bacteria growth , and it is very easy to maintain ,you can c..
Ex Tax:RM3,529.00
Brand: 3M Model: 4WH-QSS-S01H
Product DetailsThis point-of-entry system is compact-sized & perfect for condominium usage. It removes sediment, particulate, sand and rust up to 5 microns & features anti-scaling features that improves water heater & coffee machine performance.Brand : 3MModel : 4WH-QSS-S01H..
Ex Tax:RM759.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP DWS1000
Product DetailsSmart Monitoring DeviceDesigned with users’ busy lifestyle in mind, the deluxe drinking water filtration comes with an automatic shutoff water meter to alert you when it’s change-cartridge o’clock.Brand : 3MModel : AP DWS1000Category: Undersink, Drinking WaterMicron size: 0.5Wate..
Ex Tax:RM2,549.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP Easy Complete
Product DetailsUnder-sink filtration system.Designed for easy installation and maintenance. Drink directly from its dedicated drinking water faucet.Advanced Filtration with High OutputUsing single-stage filtration, the economical under-sink device requires only minimal, effortless maintenance as it ..
Ex Tax:RM989.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP Easy Cyst FF
Product DetailsHook to a Clean LookThe go-to product for food preparation is designed to give a clean look as it hooks onto your faucet, while performing full-flow water filtration to suit your kitchen use.Brand : 3MModel : AP Easy Cyst FFCategory: Undersink, Food Preparation Micron size: ..
Ex Tax:RM869.00
Brand: 3M Model: DWS2500T-CN
Product DetialsStylish Faucet with LED Light IndicatorWhen stylish, easy-change design meets 3M’s superior drinking water filtration. And with its smart LED indicator, you’ll never miss the time to replace your filter cartridge.Brand : 3MModel : DWS2500T-CN-Tested & Certified by NSF Internationa..
Ex Tax:RM3,149.00
Brand: 3M Model: AP902
Product DetailsThe Desired First Line of DefenseStrong endurance, efficient and certainly trustworthy: with AP902, your water will be well filtered and protected from the very second it enters your home.Brand : 3MModel : AP902-Advanced single-stage filtration delivers high output-Components cer..
Ex Tax:RM1,729.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: CHP-671L
Durable. Portable. Big CapacityLARGER IS BETTERCoway Core is smartly designed to fulfill your needs when in comes to consuming highly purified water.One-Touch SensorAllow you to turn on or off hot water with a simple touch. Furthermore, the Braille System is also integrated.Refill With Large Contain..
Ex Tax:RM132.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: P-08L
The Effortless Water PurifierLIVE SIMPLE, LIVE HAPPILYSimplifying Your Lifestyle.Coway Ferry is contemporary. It is compact. It fits in everywhere. It is all you need for your convenient daily clean water intake.Non-Electrical Operated entirely by water pressure so requires no electricity. ..
Ex Tax:RM66.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: CHP-590N
Perfectly Design For Your HomeSMALL BUT POWERFULLCoway Harry's compact size and contemporary design means it complements your house decor perfectly.Coway Nanotrap™ Filter SystemThis innovative filter has a large surface area and contains Nanofibre (effectively reduces bio-fouling materials such as c..
Ex Tax:RM123.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: CHPI-620L
First Water Purifier With Ice DispenserEVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONEMore than just a water purifier.Lucy provides you with clean water and ice with just a single push.Contamination-Free IceWith Lucy, ice is made from purified Coway water, hygiene is guaranteed like never before.High Tech Versatili..
Ex Tax:RM190.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: P-350N
The Simplest Way To Get Clean WaterDesigned to satisfied your simple and modern needs.No Electrical is RequiredOperation entirely by water pressure, electricity cost is no longer a burden for your clean water needs.Tank-Less Water Purifier Clean water purifies straight from the tap.One Twist Ex..
Ex Tax:RM65.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: CHP-260N
Innovative Technology for Any HomeHOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALThe Coway Neo is equipped with our innovative, advanced filtration system called Nanotrap™COWAY NANOTRAP™ FILTER SYSTEMThis innovative filter has a large surface area and contains Nanofibre (effectively reduces biofouling materials such as cell de..
Ex Tax:RM108.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: CHP-7310R
First Water Purifier Tailored For MalaysiansTHOUGHTFUL AND VERSATILEThe best selling water purifier is now enhanced with a better understanding of Malaysian needLargest Hot Water TankStore as much hot water as you need.*In Coway's table top water purifiers series.Multipurpose FaucetAn additional fau..
Ex Tax:RM140.00
Brand: Coway Malaysia Model: CHP-06DL
A Touch of BrillianceBEAUTIFULLY INTELLIGENTWith its elegant and sleek contour, the Coway Petit exemplifies a true award-winning design.Beautifully IntelligentA touch of brilliance.Electronic One-Touch DispenserSelect either 120ml, 200ml or 300ml of water with a single touch.SPEC AND PRICEAll you ne..
Ex Tax:RM113.00
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